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  • What made it successful for you?

    OK.. chime in.. the tips and tricks and little adjustments that made your weightloss successful.. especially if it came off slow or plateaued for periods of time.. so those of us who may get discouraged can maybe find something here new to try.. from IF to a cheat day (meal, moment), to whatever worked for you.. it can feel really lonely out here sometimes and trying to find things in individual posts takes up alot of time.. thanks in advance!!!
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    I like hitting the ketosis for three or four days, then getting back to the starchy toward the end of the week.

    I almost always only have one meal a day, to accomplish something like a 20 hour fast daily. About 2500 to 3000 calories comprised of a pound of meat, scoops of fat, and a little mountain of leafy or cruciferous veggies, mushrooms, eggs, berries, bone broth, or more. Once in awhile I take leftovers to work to finish off, or some avocado toward the end of the week when they're ripe.

    I walk soooooooo much at work in the hospital. It takes very little effort to never sit down. For ten hours a night. This might be a SERIOUS advantage.

    Expect to lose weight slowly if you're not a massive human whale. I only had 20 pounds left to drop by the time I found Primal, and they came off in little fits and spurts over the last year.

    Lift heavy things or do body weight exercises to increase your muscle density/mass, or at least strength! It will help your body burn more fuel throughout the day (muscle eats more food) and it's just plain fun to scare weaklings by climbing up a wall on a whim.

    I should add that I almost always have a bite of raw, local honey before bed in the morning. It might be about a teaspoon, it's for my seasonal allergies, and according to what I've read, that's only enough to replenish some glycogen and not enough to break ketosis.

    Dietary plateau breakers that helped me:
    Dropped all dairy.
    Reduced nuts to about one a week.
    Added more protein and reduced fat slightly.
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      Hmm. Even when things are working it's hard to isolate one factor and say it's responsible for success--unless you control for each in turn. And once you've got a good thing going, there's a resistance to messing with it unless you hit a stall...I'm more interested in success than science. My personal list of elements that I think might contribute are:
      • Low-carb: (50-100 gr/d)
      • High fat (66% of calories from mostly good fats)
      • Walking...lots of it (6-9 miles most days, moderate pace, some big hills)
      • Eating when hungry...which for me has led to both frequent IF (skipping breakfast and/or lunch) and a sizable caloric deficit on average.
      • Fairly comprehensive daily supplements (D3, CoQ10, fish oil, kelp, B12, Mg, K, multivite)
      • Being male(?) Hate to sound a discouraging note, but just observing anecdotal posts here, it does often seem we men have an easier time of it with the weight loss.

      Doing all of the above has helped me drop about 90 lbs so far...but is it the caloric balance, the low-carbing, or the exercise that deserves the credit? I may never really know.
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        -Lifting weights about 2-3 times a week broke through this latest plateau. Don't cheat yourself either, up your load when it's no longer damn near impossible to lift that last rep.
        -Knowing that I COULD eat whatever it was, if I wanted to, but that I don't have to eat it, usually removed most desires to cheat.
        -pumpkinberry primal cheesecake, valentino brownies, berries and whipped heaven, and paleoish chocolate chip cookies killed any other cravings.
        - If you're already within range of normal body weight, the weight will not come off easily. It'll come in spurts and jumps. As each lower weight comes, accept it, like it, and be patient. It took me the better part of a year and a half to meet my goal of losing 15 lb.
        - Figure out what exercise/ sport you can do that is just fun. The one where you're not checking your watch every 5 seconds to see if you're done yet. The one where you do it for 2 hours and it feels like it's only been 5 minutes. Do it a lot. Mine was belly dancing and working out in conjunction with video games.
        - Find that one easy primal meal you can eat 10 times a day for a year straight, the one you'll NEVER get sick of. Always keep the ingredients on hand or keep a batch in the freezer. Now you don't have the excuse of laziness or sickness.
        -Sneak in moving slowly wherever you can. Take the stairs. Park on the far side of the parking lot. Walk to the store. Play with the dog. Play with the neighborhood kids. Walking meditation.
        - If you cheat or have to miss a meal of be primal, don't wig on it. Just go back to doing the right thing. One meal won't break your stride. 4 days will.
        - Keep a glass of water on hand wherever you are. My husband gives me grief, but I usually have a glass of water on my desk, and a bottle of water in my car, on my desk at home, on the coffee table, on my dresser, and on the kitchen island. I never have an excuse to be thirsty.
        -Get a good pillow. No, I'm not being sarcastic. This one little thing will rock your world, both at night and during the day.
        -Have veggies at every meal. Sneak 'em in if you have to.
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          Absolutely awesome and EXACTLY what I was looking for.. even if there are multiple things we can all take a look and let our intuitive knowing pick the one that feels right... PRIMAL PEOPLE ROCK ON!!!!
          Female 5'5", Feb. 29, 2012 SW 208, GW 160
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            Great query... great answers! thanks all xoL


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              1. Making the focus health and healthy daily choices and NOT weight/weight loss
              2. Setting non-weight goals.. Blood sugar control/avoiding diabetes, arthritis pain relief, improving insomnia, good health markers..
              3. Deciding what I could/would do and understanding/accepting what I couldn't/wouldn't do. Still love pizza.
              4. Setting a plan to exercise. A daily time 5 days a week and sticking to it. Accept the fact that starting low and slow was my only option and finding success in little improvements.
              5. Realizing there will be bumps in the road but they don't have to derail me.
              6. Realizing I could find success even if I couldn't/didn't do primal "perfectly"-- can't afford grassfed, physical limitations in regards to exercise..
              7. Being willing to try something new but realizing that while it might work for others it might not for me-I learned to listen to myself and my body.


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                I really don't know for sure what things I've tried actually "worked". But here are things I've tried (I don't do them all the time and some I don't do anymore):

                - IF. Skip breakfast or skip breakfast and lunch once a week.
                - Bulletproof fast - bulletproof coffee for breakfast instead of food.
                - Core fitness class - building muscle slowly with my own body weight and light weights.
                - Taking a walk every day, not a powerwalk but more like make sure I get out in the sunshine every day and look at some nature.
                - 25mg of potassium iodine and 200mcg of selenium. I wake up burning hot at night (I take them before bed because that's when I remember them) so I think it really does help my metabolism. Some say you have to be very careful with iodine supplements.
                - Very low carb at first to get my body to know how to use my body fat for energy.
                - Somewhat low carb now (50-60g) so I feel energetic but don't lose the ability to drop into ketosis if I feel like it (I have my reasons.) Also, at my age and size, 50-60g is a decent proportion of my daily food intake.
                - Daily wine and chocolate. Life is meant to be enjoyed.
                - Spending too much time on MDA but it keeps me focused on my progress and on my goals.
                - Doing things when I'm good and ready and really wanting it (like the core fitness class or sprinting) not just because I am "supposed to."
                Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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                  Originally posted by cantare View Post
                  [*]Low-carb: (50-100 gr/d)[*]Being male(?) Hate to sound a discouraging note, but just observing anecdotal posts here, it does often seem we men have an easier time of it with the weight loss.
                  Yeah for me this is it... not gonna lie ladies... I love being a man and wouldn't be a woman for all the bacon in the world.
                  March 1st 2010: 308lbs | CW: 219lbs / 18.5%BF | New Goal: 16% BF
                  Male. 28. 6'4''. Currently working on them muscles and strength!

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                    1. being strict about dairy- for me it is not a truly primal food
                    2. exercise 4-5 days a week- mixture of walking, strength training and sometimes cardio
                    3. intermittent fasting- daily 15-20 hours- more lately
                    4. calorie/carb cycling- not eating the same food every day
                    5. sleep! I have far fewer cravings from going to sleep early around 8 pm nightly


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                      For me the biggest thing is IF, 5 days a week with 16 hour fasts, with a very occasional 24 hour fast thrown in as well.
                      Do what you love and do it often. If you don't like something, change it. if you don't like your job, quit. If you don't have enough time, stop watching tv. If you are looking for the love of your life, stop, they will be waiting for you when you start doing the things you love. Stop over analyzing, life is simple. When you eat, appreciate every last bite. Some opportunities only come once, seize them.