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Where'd all your fat go?

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  • Where'd all your fat go?

    Ok, so I know I'm still new to the Primal diet (15 days in), but it must be working......listen to this...

    ....It was HOT last evening when I was finishing the hardwood floor in the sunroom so I threw on a tank top that was a wee bit short and my favorite pair of hipster jeans.

    It was late when I finished the floor so I didn't bother to change clothes when I left to feed the horses at my folks house. When I walked in the door, my Dad looked at me and said "Where'd all your fat go?". LOL. Gotta love Dad.

    Working on week three and visible changes are happening!
    The Foxhunting Friesian

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    lol, how cute!
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      My first thought when I saw your subject line was "the toilet" :-) Then I read your post and realized you were not literally asking where it went :-)
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      Lost 105 pounds in 5 months
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        PrimalClay, you got a point there. When he asked me that, I replied "it left".......but I didn't say where it went. (grin)
        The Foxhunting Friesian


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          Yay! Isn't it so encouraging when people start noticing?
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            Congrats! It's great when people start noticing - gives you a little extra motivation to keep on going.
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              I would have replied "I ate it!"