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Katie's First Primal Birthday

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  • Katie's First Primal Birthday

    I have been primal for an entire year. I started a week or so before completing my undergrad. I'll do another post soon about my transformation over the year, but right now I just want to tell you all how I celebrated my First Primal Birthday.

    First of all, I was magically given Saturday off. This is a frickin' miracle to begin with.

    I did kettlebell swings with the beast (106lbs or 48kg) for the first time. It was difficult, but then I swung a 70lb. bell and it felt so light. Cool feeling.

    I then dead-lifted my bodyweight (165lbs) for about 12 reps after that. First time dead-lifting my bodyweight.

    Then I went to the farmer's market - bought a ton of produce and my favorite treat - a locally made mango lassi, which I shared with my husband.

    Ate a picnic lunch with my husband at Redwood Regional Park. We had a load of deviled eggs, pickles, fresh black tea with a squeeze of Meyer lemon, and a few pickled cioppolini onions.

    Then I went on a 4.5 hour hike with my husband and we spent most of the hike barefoot. I told my husband that being poked in the feet by sticks and pokey things might have some sort of healing "foot reflexology" effect on us (I was only half joking). There were flowers blooming everywhere and the ground was moist and cool. So awesome. The weather was so perfect. Warm and not a cloud in the sky.

    Came back home and had some amazing sex with my husband. We were still dirty and a little sweaty from our hike.

    Took a cool shower. Got all the grime off me.

    Then I got dinner going. Pan-roasted swordfish with garlic and herb butter and roasted mixed potatoes in duck fat and parsley. The potatoes were a mix of Yukon gold, red creamers, and the little purple ones. Haven't had potatoes in a while. They were amazing. I figure that being as active as we were today, potatoes probably weren't such a bad idea.

    Now I'm being a productive composer and finishing some pieces.

    Today was incredible. I've been feeling down lately just because of all of the stress of work and school and life. It felt good to get away from it all. I feel so energized! I'm ready to live another primal year! GROK ON!
    Visit my blog Primal Homeskillet. And eat it too.

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    That is an AWESOME birthday! May they all be thus.


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      Congratulations on your first primal birthday! It sounds like you had an absolutely amazing day!


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        Wow congratulations for making it this far Go you! What an amazing day you had. Do you have before and after pics?