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Losing Inches Already (It's only been a week)

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  • Losing Inches Already (It's only been a week)

    Just last week I weighed in at 229lbs at 6'1. I carry it fairly well so most people don't have a clue that I am that heavy but I do because I lug it around all day. Carrying a 45lb plate of excess fat is a little tiresome and affects me in everything. Playing with my kids, walking up the stairs, walking around the block. You get the picture. At the beginning of last week my wife and I started with a Crossfit box near our home and went through Foundations. Sore cannot even describe how I felt. Around Wednesday of last week I decided to give up processed foods and grains. Basically going Primal in baby steps. Weighed in today at 221 and my 36 pants are starting to fit VERY loose. It's only been a freaking week. I know it's mostly water weight loss but I feel things tightening up. A friend of mine stopped by my office this morning and complimented on how lean I looked. If he had been here last week he would have told me I looked fat and needed to hit the gym. Crazy.

    I know this isn't a "Success Story" yet but to me it's a huge amount of motivation to keep going and pushing. Validation that I am doing the right thing. My wife noticed her form improving on her pull-ups and that is all she needed to want more. This stuff is addicting, in a good way.


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    Keep up the good work! At the beginning the changes come really quickly. With the pants getting so loose it could be partially water weight but also perhaps your gut is already less inflamed from cutting out the wheat last week causing your waist line to shrink due to less bloat. You will be below 200 before you know it.
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      Great start! I agree the weight will fall off incredibly fast if you stay strict Paleo. I started at 213 lbs on March 4th and currently weighed 179 at my last weigh in on Saturday. That's a 34 lbs weight loss in 75 days. I am 90 to 95% Paleo and feel great. I kept a diary on Facebook if you would like to see my experience to date.

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        Welcome. Glad it's going well!
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          Great start....keep up the good work.