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  • Osteoarthritis

    Hi all,

    I've been on the PB for about 12 days now. Being off processed carbs and grains has made a noticeable difference in my energy level, body composition and general well-being.

    I'm still reading the book, but wonder if there's been any feedback and/or info on the effect of a primal diet and lifestyle on osteoarthritis. I have it in both hips and it's abnormal for my age. I recently turned 40 and have led a very active lifestyle for most of my adult life. I used to run a lot and have surfed regularly for about 22 years. I used to do yoga (ashtanga, power) religiously, but have backed off to about twice a week.

    However, the feedback I've received from orthos, chiropractors, etc. is that there simply shouldn't be the amount of ligament degradation and bone spurs going on in my hip sockets. I'm 6'6" and weigh about 185 lbs, so it's not an issue of too much weight on the joints.

    The last ortho I went to had a very blunt bedside manner and said that I would need a hip replacement in about 10 years. That being said, I am not content to accept this fate and am wondering what I can do, besides what I'm already doing, to mitigate and reverse these osteoarthritis effects. It's not debilitating at this point, although you won't find me doing any deep hip stretches.

    Anybody have any experience or feedback on this?

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    You might find this blog post helpful:

    The entire blog is good, in fact.

    I'm the Erik in the comments section. Articular knee damage, lack of cartilage, yet I passed on invasive surgery to try diet and exercise. It's been two year sand I'm going strong. What helped me, I suspect, was Vitamin D supplementation, a low inflammatory diet (the Primal Blueprint, basically), weight training, and barefoot exercise. It seems that inflammation (both systemic and acute) are at the root of the problem, and improper gait can make it even worse (even if you aren't overweight, walking the wrong way creates wear and tear). When you ran, did you wear heavy running shoes with a pronounced heel?

    Esther Gokhale wrote a nice book on posture that has helped me a ton. She explains how our stance, how we walk, and how we sit can affect our joints. The hips get special attention.

    Mark did a short write up on Gokhale:


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      Cool! Thanks for all the info, Erik! Although, still a newbie to the concept, I am thinking that having an inflammatory diet containing lots of flat out or borderline allergens might have been a factor in this.

      Will check out those links!