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  • Too earlyfor a success story?

    Hello all,

    This being my first post here I almost felt it was too early to share a success story, either way here it goes- the beginning and alreay success in my eyes...(I will attempt to be concise with the history behind it all)

    Three years ago my husband, Jared, woke up with a 106.8 fever and had it for over nine weeks while in the hospital being dosed heavily on steroids and immunosuppresants inorder to keep the fevers down. (When I say he had it for nine weeks no not that he was running it that high for that prolonged amount of time, I mean as soon as his docs had him go below 100 mg of prednisone his fevers spiked back up that high.) We saw many different docs and went through numerous biopsies and over 40 different tests to determine what he had without any real answers. Due to no clear cut diagnosis, Jared was left with the only option being a life of powerful immunosuppresants (and the 15 other drugs to counter act the side effects of said therapy- regulate BP, heart rate, insulin levels, acid reflux, thyroid,etc). The immunotherapies caused his lungs to fail and he was left much worse then he had been initially and "contracted" yet another autoimmune disorder which left him with tunneling wounds all over his body, some that went straight to the bone (6 bone bareing on his legs) We were presented with the options od CHemo and IV solumedrol and we took it being at this point we had been fighting this mysterious illness for over 8 mnths and just making him sicker and sicker.
    "Fortunately" the Chemo "worked"; his levels regulated, his heart funtioned better, his kidney and liver levels, stabilized to what the docs felt was "normal"' and his wounds began to heal. He was better off doing the chemp then the other therapies simply because he didnt need bp meds or O2, or heart rate regulators or the stomach meds once he was off his other oral meds and injections, it was the lesser of many evils at the time. The only problem is he must be on chemo for the rest of his life inorder to stay least healthy by their standards. The steroid IV that he had caused another wealth of problems, mainly his left hip was destroyed and he now needed it to be replaced. We once again, met with many docs to try to get someone to replace his hip, he spent 8 months unable to ambulate and things were going quickly downhill once again. Jared may never have been a small guy, even at his leanest he weighed 215, just very wide, no real fatty areas, well due to this whole mix of meds and inability to function, his weigh went to 346. DUe to his weight and the new hip he was not allowed to even walk for 16wks and the only exercise allowed for him was to go in a pool, but due to the sores he couldn't even do that. We spent the past 2.5 yrs on various diets, crazy plans prescribed by "knowledgable" docs, only trying to help us, with the final thing being told to us (after he was given a 600 calorie a day diet to do for 12wks and didnt lose an ounce), well he just needs a gastric bypass, he will NEVER be able to lose weight on his own, his body will not allow it.
    Now, you have to undertsand, my husband wakes up at 6 or 7 am and does not eat until mayeb 2 or 3 in the afternoon, he does not get hungry, or I should say feel hungry. I always joked with him that his metabolism was dead. Weel, really long story short(ish )He ended up back in the hospital 3 wks ago with alot of fluid retention, the previous night we had been talking about a friend of his who had been through alot medically and was now a huge supporter of Primal Blueprint/ paleo (I know not the same but conceptually for me that is where we started on this jounrney at Paleo and then found PB for a better fit logically) and we decided to go for it and see together where we got, having been a vegan for 20 yrs I was shaky but wanted to see success and my husband around and himself again so we jumped in head first and ramsacked our kitchen cleaning it out of anything "toxic". The next day in the hospital we met with yet another nutritionist who turned our world upside down. From the crazy restrictive diets, whether it be food or calories to this woman telling us go forth and eat! WHat she outlined for Jared was essentially PB way of living. She advised him to throw out the notion of exercise, she told him if he is hungry reach for some lean meat, and primarilly to just get out and live, whatever that may be, whether pushing the kids (5yr & 2yr) on the swings at the park, walking the dog, goign fishing, golfing; whatever it may be pack your own food and just be. We both looked at her liek she had five heads. here is a doc sitting across from us telling us the polar opposite of what every other doc has said in the past three yrs. We were so energized and moved by this meeting that our resolve from the night before was solidified. Three wks of following this plan and I am down 9lbs (my weight sturggles are a story for another day ) more importantly Jared is down 15lbs, has not taken any insulin, his lungs sound fantastic, and his thyroid is "stable". He is waking up with vigor, able to keep up with the like no other time before (ok he can keep up with out 5yr old Thomas, the 2 yr old sassy pants Maggie is a challenge hehe) We are cooking together as a family, able to go on walks together, we don't have the mid day slump, he isn't up until 1 am not able to fall asleep, he is getting Thomas to ride his bike our world, our quality of living has increased exponentially since going PB.
    Now, I can not say enough of the change but one last thing,

    Three yrs of diets, three yrs of misery - not an ounce lost, yet some gained.

    Three weeks of PB, three weeks of reclaiming any semblance of truly living- 15lbs lost, his whole world comign back as gain.

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    What a great story, Dixon! Be sure you both take pictures of yourselves now, so you can see the changes in weeks/months/years!

    And how amazing that you found a nutritionist who supports PB/paleo!


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      Great start. It's really encouraging to read and it's not too early for a success story. I have been primal 5 weeks and I can already see the difference. Keep up the good work!


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        That is an awesome and inspiring story! I am not really surprised by the timing of your choice to go paleo and finding a nutritionist also recommending the same thing. I firmly believe certain things happen for a reason and they are not coincidental. I wish you well on your journey, it is already off to a great start!
        I'm a 39 y/o mother of 3 sons ages 12, 14, and 15
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        Favourite primal resources: The Food Lovers Make it Paleo cookbook, Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo, The Food Lovers Kitchen, Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary and of course Mark's Daily Apple!


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          Amazing story. Very inspirational. I am so glad you found this new way of eating and that it is revolutionizing your lives!


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            I'm so glad I read your post Dixon05. It's really exciting how your lives are turned around and you're both already doing so well. Keep at it and I want to read all about you two on one of Mark's Friday success stories next year.
            SW: 243
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              Read your post first thing this morning. What a fabulous positive way to start my day! Thanks for sharing your story.
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