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  • Originally posted by primalbetty View Post

    I love the way eating Primally makes clothes disappear :-D

    Great job!!
    If you're interested in my (very) occasional updates on how I'm working out and what I'm eating click here.

    Originally posted by tfarny
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


    • Timothy wow that is so cool. Congrats on the transformation! I love seeing people change their lives!


      • Hi All,

        Last year at this time I changed my lifestyle. With encouragement from a coworker and indirectly comments in a newspaper online I investigated The Ancestral Health Movement. I read the science behind the benefits of Low Carb High Fat, and High Intensity Interval Training. I chose LCHF over strict Paleo and Primal. I increased my workouts with my trainer to twice a week, incorporated occasional sprinting, and have recently added Intermittent Fasting. I read tons on Marks Daily Apple and The Eating Academy. Here are the benefits I've experienced: My middle of the night insomnia is much improved. I no longer am a slave to hunger, I eat only when hungry, at times fasting through breakfast. Minimal snacking. I have lost 20 lbs (all in the first 6 months). My body composition has completely changed. Strength gains in workouts. My skin is softer with fewer blemishes. I have cut out processed foods, sugar, and refined carbs. I eat meat, fish, vegetables, berries, full fat fermented dairy-yogurt, creme fraiche and cheese, butter, nuts, dark chocolate, tea and coffee, and occasional alcohol.

        I've presented some of my journey previously, but here again is the before:

        Before, July 27, 2011 (F) by Mommymd55, on Flickr

        Before, July 27, 2011 (L) by Mommymd55, on Flickr

        And here is where I am today:

        IMG_2446 by Mommymd55, on Flickr

        IMG_2447 by Mommymd55, on Flickr

        Thanks for everyone's contributions to this great site and to Mark Sisson for making this so understandable and doable.


        LCHF since Oct 2011


        • mommymd- Yeah girl!! *wolf whistle*
          You look amazing! So sassy and confident!
          You don't have to be sick to get better.
          Female, 31 years old, 5'8"
          Primal start: 1/2/2012
          My Primal Journal
          Living, loving and learning.


          • Wow, mommymd, that's awesome! I love the big smile in the second set of photos.
            “If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.” --Audre Lorde

            Owly's Journal


            • Excellent mommymd. You should be proud, you look as fantastic as you must feel in those pics.
              Height - 5'8"
              SW - 191
              CW - 162
              GW - 155

              Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.


              • mommymd you took great! You also look younger in the after photo' can see a glo. Way to go! Thanks for sharing, it helps inspire!


                • Primalbetty you look amazing! you can really see how the fat melted off (and you were looking great before!) but the fat is melted off. Kick booty!!!


                  • Incredible work primalbetty and mommymd.


                    • OMG Mommymd! I remember when you first put up your set of pics. Seriously, you look like the daughter of the woman in the before shot. Total smackdown!
                      The Paleo Strongwoman - A site dedicated to strength, and feeding strength.


                      • PrimalBetty, I'm hoping my progess is just like yours!! We're at about the same starting point - I can't wait to look like you do now! Get it girl, great job.

                        Started eating Primal in October 2011.
                        Started lifting heavy things on October 26, 2012.
                        Started sugar detox: November 12, 2012
                        [may or may not have been purposely before Thanksgiving]


                        • Gravyboat, you look FABULOUS!!! Such a great improvement, great job!!
                          Started eating Primal in October 2011.
                          Started lifting heavy things on October 26, 2012.
                          Started sugar detox: November 12, 2012
                          [may or may not have been purposely before Thanksgiving]


                          • Originally posted by BONZ View Post
                            Well, I said I was going to stop posting progressions here and just keep it to the journal.... then I remember the first time I looked through here and realized.... pay it forward, dude. I'm trying to link a skinny-fat picture from my first post in this thread back in March, maybe it shows up and maybe no....

                            Skinny-fat, back in the day....

                            February 2012, 8 weeks primal....

                            September 2012, 9 months primal....

                            Have I thanked Mark Sisson, and the positive crowd I've found here at MDA yet? I don't think I'll ever be done doing that....

                            By the way, WeldingHank is my hero! You kick ass, dude!
                            Started eating Primal in October 2011.
                            Started lifting heavy things on October 26, 2012.
                            Started sugar detox: November 12, 2012
                            [may or may not have been purposely before Thanksgiving]


                            • Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
                              Grey Dress | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

                              So I never have posted pics except for my journal, because frankly y'all look great in swimwear and I ummm, amd still embarassed. But I just finished Whole 30 and am proud. So I was going thru old photos, and it occured to me that while, no I don't look good naked, I look great in clothes compared to the past. I am posting a progression of pics, the last one in the series was after failing to lose doing Insanity and starving myself. Not a huge difference from the one just out of college..... By the way, if anyone ever tries to tell you veganism is great for weight loss.... first pic in the fat row is of me in my vegan days. The last pic in the top row is of me this morning after noshing on bacon.

                              My dream is to post a pic of me in a bikini, but that will come later.
                              Mag I am so glad you posted before/after pics. I was wondering when you were gonna do it. You have done a fantastic job. Keep it up. Don't play us on the bikini pics either we'll hold you to it.

                              I am thinking about posting some before and after pics of me. But I am not done with my DILF transformation. I am in the process of adding some more muscles before I unveil the final product. I still have a fatboy frame of mind so posting pics with my shirt off is still a lil nerve racking.
                              All time high weight 262 lbs
                              Primal since Spring 2012
                              Start PB Weight: 240 lbs ish
                              Current Weight: 220lbs ish
                              Goal Weight:190-200 lbs
                              All on a 6ft. 1/2 inch frame.

                              I can't wait to meet my abs for the first time in my life. We gotta lot of catching up to do.

                              I love this way of eating and hope to be able to help others.


                              • I'm going through the posts I missed for the last two months or so, and had to stop to say GRAVYBOAT - SO happy you posted your progress, and so happy for all the amazing health changes you're experiencing!!
                                5'4" 39yo mother to five sweeties & married to their AMAZING DaddyGrok
                                Current Weight: 175lb__________________________________Goal: 135lb
                                Deadlift: 240lb________________________________________Back Squat: 165lb
                                Bench: 130lb__________________________________________Pre ss: 85lb
                                ***Winning a 20-year war against binge eating disorder***