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WOD's 03/28-04/06

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    Scrapper's Workout No. 1

    By the way, should we list these under Fitness category rather than success stories? Just thinking of ways to navigate the new forums more easily.
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      I'm confused


      You went to this format for a reason. How do I do a simple post?


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        Soccer field sprints in my VFFs, then later some convict conditioning.
        I grok, therefore I am.


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          I worked out 2 days early because of the weekend.

          Chest press 90 lbs 53 seconds
          High row 250 lbs 39 seconds
          leg press 630 lbs 43 seconds
          right leg lift 30 lbs 30 seconds
          left leg lift 30 lbs 30 seconds.


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            As Many Rounds in 20 minutes:
            30 Box Jumps 24"/20"
            20 Push Press 115#/88#
            30 Pull ups

            Then: rowing intervals


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              Kettlebell Fat Burning Circuit

              used a 16-kilogram kettlebell

              45 seconds Goblet Squats, 15 seconds rest
              45 seconds Lunges, 15 seconds rest
              45 seconds Snatch Left, 15 seconds rest
              45 seconds Snatch Right, 15 seconds rest
              45 seconds Swings, 15 seconds rest

              One minute rest between rounds

              Did 5 rounds total

              Should we move over to Primal Chat's thread: What's Your Workout Today? Or keep on this well-run track?


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                rest for most of the day and then some convict conditioning.
                I grok, therefore I am.


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                  @Kurtis, how do you like the Convict Conditioning Book? Is it worth buying? Think they got it at the library, or is it fairly new? I was looking at another workout thread and it looks like you're not the only one into it!

                  1/4? mile carrying my mountain bike down the street...Much more difficult than actually riding it! My shoulders are TIRED! I'll definitely be doing something like that again...
                  ~20min. run/bike/squats/lunges/push-ups
                  15x3 decline crunches
                  ~120min. beach/trailriding with dad and sister

                  @Godzilla, I say we keep the tradition going These threads are useful to me since I have to record all of my workouts for two of my classes and it's easier for me to just record them here..
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