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A sugar test...



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  • A sugar test...

    WOW... WOW... and WOW.... I don't feel like I eat that much sugar normally. But have been doing pretty good cutting it out as I'm going primal.

    That said. We had a birthday party for our twins, and DH (an amazing chef) baked them the most amazing chocolate cake ever. EVER! So, I had a pc. and amazingly only ONE pc. (oh yeah, with vanilla ice cream)

    I also had some wine with dinner, and let's not forget about some corn tortilla chips... so, totally not primal yesterday... and today???

    I feel like someone beat the living crap out of me. There is nothing that does not hurt. My muscles ache, My joints hurt. It's extreme... Like OMG... Did I develop fibromyalgia over night??? UNBELIEVABLE...

    Back on track today... hopefully will be detoxed in a day or 2...

    OH... forgot to mention.. The cake was sitting on the counter next to me... just a bit ago... no craving for it... in fact the smell is making me nauseous. Chocolate cake? This is unheard of in my personal history.

    Thought I would share...

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    i want to make a steak cake....a bunch of thick steaks stacked on eachother with mashed califlower and bacon layering in between....mmm *drool* omg off topic ...sorry.

    hope you feel better soon!!

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      Sounds good to me!!! I have a delish recipe for gravy sans grain if you need one to top that off!