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Having a fantastic day!

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  • Having a fantastic day!

    Congrats! That's about as good a primal day as you can have...

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    So for breakfast today I ate:

    An egg, coconut milk, and beef quiche. Not sure how much it was, probably somewhere between 2 and 3 eggs.

    I also had half a piece of pork--about palm sized, which was cooked in coconut milk.

    For lunch (round 1300) I had:

    Slightly larger than palm sized piece of pork heart, same size piece of liver, and a chicken thigh. Coconut milk.

    At 1500 I had a very small piece of cheese (the grocery store had some samples out, it was about fingernail sized).

    It's now 2230 and I haven't eaten since then, don't feel the need to, plus I:

    biked 10 km home in 46 minutes (considering the traffic, this is pretty good).

    Came home and decided I hadn't done enough work today so went and did some back squats.

    Put up the pull-up bar (it is quite the production; involves hanging it from straps off the stairwell and is super sketchy) and did some pull-ups and leg raises and just tried to hang on as long as I could.

    Academically, I found out the paper I turned in last week got the only A in the class.

    Primal life = awesome.