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Halfway there ... 50 pounds lost in 4 months

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    Oh my goodness, thank you so much to everyone who has commented! What lovely support!

    To answer some of the questions, I've done much better with my eating than with the exercise aspect of primal. As I've gone along, I've found that intermittent fasting has worked well for me. I have gone from starving in the morning and eating a horrible fast food breakfast to sticking to just coffee with a dab of heavy cream and not feeling hungry until lunchtime or later. I try to go by hunger cues (still figuring that out ... I'm an emotional eater) and eat when that is, whether it's noon, 2pm or even 5 pm. I kicked my heavy Diet Coke habit and do no more artificial sweetener or sugar, only have a little honey, pure maple syrup or molasses or real fruit occasionally. I eat a lot of chicken, steak, nitrate/nitrite free sausage and bacon and some tuna every now and then. I would love to increase my fish intake but it is slow going for me. I tried liver once and haven't quite gone there again. I have to have cheese, but try to make it good quality so that I don't go nuts with it. Speaking of nuts, I eat those pretty frequently as well. I use mostly coconut oil, with some olive oil and grassfed butter. I would like to do better with vegetables. My main go to is cauliflower. I'm planning on doing a CSA this summer so I am looking forward to that variety. Also, when I know the farmer I feel more guilty about letting them go to waste in the crisper . I stray a bit by using Duke's mayo instead of making my own with olive oil, and every so often using some store bought ranch dressing made with canola oil, but mostly I do olive oil and balsamic for my salads. And every so often I make these delicious primal sweet potato/banana muffins, and I also do an almond flour carob chip cookie recipe that I have.

    As for exercise, I've just tried to MOVE and PLAY more, but that's about it so far. Since I'm expecting the weight loss to slow for the second 50 pounds, I'm hoping to get a bit more organized about exercise in the hopes that will encourage the weight to continue to come off.

    Bellajgw, I am so sorry that your spouse was so unsupportive. That really sucks! I can't say that I really have loose skin, or really that I have more than I had before. Since I have so much more to lose, I'm pretty jiggly all over right now, but it's definitely fat in there - not just loose skin. We'll see how it goes as I lose more, I suppose. But I can definitely tell you that I look better with clothes on than off lol.

    Thanks again to everyone for the sweet encouragement - it means a lot!!!