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Wife beats husband's weight loss

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  • Wife beats husband's weight loss

    I started PB in January at 231lbs. I now weigh about 199. I went from a size 18/20 to a size 12/14 and lost 43.5 total inches. I started because I wanted to look good on our next cruise ( married with a daughter who turned 1 in April). I have lost more then my husband, but he is a lot looser in his eating habits then I am.

    things I do/don't do

    I generally limit Dairy, Fruit, and Nuts. I also drink my coffee black now. Instead of dark chocolate (which I HATE) I indulge with less then a serving of white chocolate. I still find that nuts and fruit trigger serious cravings for me and I have portion control issues with cheese. I generally don't eat until mid to late afternoon and try to stop by 10pm. I love eggs, butter, bacon, and sausages. I adore salads with avocado and tomato and I make sure to get enough fat in my food everyday. I also have a food journal (paper) and I track my weight and inches on My Fitness Pal. the first pic is from august about 4 months after my daughter was born, and the second is a week or so ago. I still have about 50lbs to go but feel confident I can achieve lasting success! 2012-08-11_21-57-40_594.jpg[ATTACH]11561[/ATTACH
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    Is your husband primal as well? Sounds like you're really in tune with what works for you and what doesn't. That's really great. It may take a few days for the pics to be approved - you could send namelesswonder a message or upload them to a photo sharing site and edit your post. Continued good luck!
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      Losing 32 lbs in a little over 4 months is outstanding! Wishing you much success and looking forward to seeing some updates over the next few months.
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        Way to go CalicoGal! Quite a difference in the two pictures!
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          Congrats - you look fab!


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            Thanks! I have gotten off track lately and am recommitting along with my husband to do this right. My husband tries his best to be primal-ish. For example he feels that a day where he doesn't drink soda and has a salad for lunch is a very successful day. He likes to cheat on the weekends. He is also a super picky eater and somewhat OCD about how things should look/taste. His idea of a good meal is breaded chicken tenders with corn and mashed potatoes. He misses the starch at dinner. I have a small arsenal of veggies and ways to cook them, so he gets bored and wants Arby's, or pizza. Or he will scarf an entire bag of Oreo's in a day or two. Right now I am just not bringing that stuff into the house anymore. at least this way he is only tempted at work and I am not tempted during the day. anywho, its just the same old problem of kicking old habits and replacing them with new ones.