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Life at 52 is better than ever

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  • Life at 52 is better than ever

    Dear Mark,
    First of all, thank you so much for caring about other peoples health. I will keep this short. About a year and a half ago my Dr. finally figured out why I was sick all the time. I was told that I had "leaky gut syndrome". I was sick all the time, he said that I was getting "waste" in my blood and the immune system was fighting that, at that time I weighed 236Lbs was on two different blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, and taking three pills a day just to keep the heartburn at bay. My Psoriasis was getting worse and my joints hurt all the time. I was eating "Healthy" lots of whole grains, lower fat, but I kept getting worse. A friend of mine told me to research the "caveman diet" and I did, through this research I found Marks daily apple, the light bulb went on! I got with my Dr. who said he had heard of it but did not know anyone who had stuck with it for any length of time, but he had no problem with me doing it. I lost 8Lbs the first week! after 4 weeks I was down 30lbs and feeling great! I would say that was the point I became a fat burner instead of a sugar burner. I have not looked back, I have lost a total of 80Lbs the first year and I took some pictures and everyone said I should send them to you. I'm doing a primal work out and have started to gain some muscle I'm up 10Lbs, I now weight 165lbs. I no longer take any Medicine at all! Something else I'm 52 yrs old and I feel like I did in my 20's. I now had 30 yr old guys asking me for advice on getting in shape. One young man is now down over 30lbs and one of the older guy's said you need to stop losing weight or you'll look like Dave, his reply was "that's the whole point". I would have never thought that a 30 yr old would want to look like me, but on the other had there is a 60 yr old dude that I want to look like. I may never be as cut as you, but you are an inspiration. Thanks for all you do, I will continue to tell everyone about your website and books!
    GROK ON!
    Dave ScottBefore and After.jpg1 year.jpg

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    Still no pics up, but I didn't want to wait to tell you your story is fabulous. Congratulations! Such an encouragement and inspiration.
    I'm also grateful to Mark for all of his hard work.
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      Excellent! Well done, Dave.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        Wow.... you look great!!!!! Maybe I should have my dad read your story. he is your age and in serious need of getting healthy...
        My story, My thought....

        It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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          Great work
          Could you post an example of what a days food intake looks like for you


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            In the morning: cup of coffee 3 eggs (fresh farm eggs) with a bunch of spinach and a piece of bacon
            maybe a banana for a snack later if I get hungry
            lunch: I have a BIG mixed green salad, with olive oil vinaigrette, wild caught sardines, and an avocado w/lemon
            dinner: Fish or Buffalo, asparagus, Brussels sprouts
            snack: some coconut milk yogurt, macadamia nuts and a square of 85% dark chocolate.
            This is a typical day for me, recently I added a protein shake in the morning, I use a protein powder that is beef and egg protein, I don't do very well with dairy any more.


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              wow, congrats!!


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                Thanks for your quick reply
                I am 55 and have lost 15lbs in since beginning of July
                Just been diagnosed with testicular cancer in last few days and had surgery last Fri. Quite rare in someone my age:-(
                Iam 209lbs and need to get to 175 ish, I'm 6 2"
                Thanks again for your post


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                  That's a great story. I was wondering if you could add some details about leaky gut? I think my mother has that problem. She has had all sorts of digestive issues forever. Garbage can diagnosis of IBS and I have been trying to encourage her to look into this way of eating. All the best.


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                    Leaky gut this is from

                    Layman's version..

                    As a consequence of autoimmune attack on the intestinal lining - in particular the small intestine - the contents can leak into the bloodstream. This means that autoimmune disease and inflammation may then occur anywhere in the body, manifesting as a host of conditions, such as allergies, arthritis etc.

                    The classic autoimmune initiation is by glutens, a family of proteins which are found in cereal grains - and most especially problematic being wheat glutens.

                    Without going into the mechanisms, one can say this happens because elements of these protein types are so similar to proteins in our own body tissues that they can "trick" our immune system into attacking our own cells - hence the term autoimmune disease. Could it be so simple that autoimmune disease is caused by eating wheat? Well - yes! "Wheat Belly" - Dr William Davis's recent book is a an excellent approach to this topic, as well as being easy to read from the layman's perspective.

                    IMHO - this is in no small part what makes the paleo diet so spectacularly successful - elimination of grains.

                    Mine had gotten so bad that my white blood cells were out of whack, my body was so busy attacking itself it could not fight off a simple cold. Since following the primal blueprint I have not been sick, other than the time I tried to eat some bread with the great olive oil at one of my favorite Italian restaurants, mistake! I just pour it on a salad now. I hope this helps.