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The TRUTH about WHEAT and OATS

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  • The TRUTH about WHEAT and OATS

    This vital information is from a VERY reputable cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, who practices cardiology in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His Blog is TOP SHELF with a WEALTH of tips and information. The credibility of his blog is what got me started on the Primal style diet. If you have a question about anything related to diet, search his blog for the BEST answers.

    Each article is very short, blunt and to the point.
    * Wheat Free Diet gets AMAZING results:

    * Grains - Fat melting away from not eating grains

    * Wheat - Makes us feel Hungry

    * Wheat - Visceral Fat, Man Boobs, Breast Cancers, blood sugar, Big Belly

    * Wheat Belly, weight gain, Bad Cholesterol, Brain Fog, heart disease, lost energy

    * Wheat Benefits = none

    * Wheat-insulin resistance,diabetes,heart disease,hypertension,cancer,arthritis,cartilage

    * Wheat - Your Brain on Wheat

    * Wheat Severe Joint Pain

    * Wheat the Nicotine of Food contributes MIGHTILY to Diabetes

    * Oatmeal-Rocketing blood sugar, pancreas damage, equal to a bowl of jelly beans

    Also please share the above links with friends & relatives.

    Best of health to all,
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    Great list of references - thanks!
    Find me at Cheers!


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      Awesome...thanks! I was just trying to explain to someone why I was trying this way of I can just send them this =)


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        WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO FIGHT AGAINST FOOD,INC with the TRUTH. If people only knew. It is clear to me that the government, big business & the medical + drug cartels want to see every hospital bed filled, drug profits soaring, and every doctors waiting rooms filled. THAT IS WHY THERE IS AN OBESITY + DIABETES EPIDEMIC ! They are playing us like a fiddle, treating us like cattle in a feedlot ! Fattening us up for the SLAUGHTER which is to extract every penny before we are KILLED. NOTICE - how SILENT the Media Propaganda is about the terrible health consequences of grains.

        Did you know that diabetes patients are told to eat a HIGH CARB LOW FAT DIET by the ADA and by their own doctors ? ? IT IS TRUE ! The are given the SAME food pyramid being promoted by the FDA ! ! ! Everyone should be outraged.

        I, for one am spreading the word to everyone on my email list.

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          I'm on board with the bad news about wheat, but I have to question the logic on oatmeal. If the only objection about it is the blood sugar spike, then why don't they simply buffer it with a good fat instead of crying about it? I've known for years that fat free desserts are killing people, so when I felt a need for dessert I always head for the fat. Whole fat ice cream, cream top fatty yogurt (though its now impossible for me to find unpasteurized yogurt), etc. Its not the best thing in the world but for people with a sweet tooth and compulsive appetite, desserts with lots of quality fat in it are better than the alternative.

          But back to oatmeal. Dr. Davis mentions people putting 1 percent milk on the stuff. I think the problem starts there. I'd use whole fat goat milk and check the blood sugar. Also, it seems that people use it for breakfast, for some reason. On an empty stomach, of course it would cause a spike. What about during the day, or late evening, when you're not on an empty stomach?

          Grizz, thanks for all the excellent links.


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            I've read through most of Dr. Davis' blog. It's interesting, science driven, bold, and almost entirely over my head sometimes =p I'd like to see a broader range of sources though. Any other pioneering medical writers you'd recommend? No matter how trustworthy it seems a trap to take information from just one source. Cognitive Dissonance and all that jazz.

            I found it interesting to compare these two:


            My primal journal!


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              I like much of what Dr. Davis says, but he is a lipophobe, he sometimes says baffling things without linking his sources, and it is simply ridiculous to compare a bowl of oatmeal to a bowl of jelly beans. Oatmeal, even with the phytic acid, has minerals, perhaps some favorable soluble fiber, and protein, and the sugar is glucose, not fructose. Jelly beans would likely be loaded with artificial flavors and colorants, have no redeeming nutritional qualities whatsoever, and the sugar (if you are lucky) would be 50% fructose.

              I wouldn't recommend a 100% diet of either, but you would die much faster on a diet of jelly beans than a diet of oatmeal.

              I don't eat oatmeal anymore, but of all the SAD, it certainly ain't the worst thing.


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                [ Any other pioneering medical writers you'd recommend? ]

                YES, as a matter of fact I do. I just got Rob Wolff's new book, "The Paleo Solution," and he goes into agonizing, excruciating, mind blowing detail about the problems with grains. His book gives me an Excedrin Headache, but at least he warns us of which parts of the book are for Pencil Neck Geeks. Bottom line, I liked what he said about grains that made all of the sense. They just don't want to be eaten, and they have developed a sophisticated system to prevent creatures from eating them. He compared grains to poison ivy as plant species that protect themselves. You see the grain IS the seed and the plant wants to protect that seed at all costs. Other plants have evolved a symbiotic relationship with creatures to spread their seeds in exchange for food. Fruits are a good example. Fruits feed the birds in exchange for spreading their seeds.
                He also gives us the scientific explanation that is guaranteed to mke us feel stupid.

                Also, I was having a bowl of oatmeal every morning & was busting my butt at the gym 4 days a week, and could NOT get below 230-235 lbs. Simply eliminating that bowl of oatmeal, toast & potatoes did the trick. Now I am 217 lbs and falling. My diet is otherwise not much different.

                PS) If we are supposed to eat fat with our oatmeal, why didn't it say that on the carton of oatmeal? I could not have known about that otherwise. That oatmeal carton said "Heart Healthy," and boy was I a NAIVE SAP for believing it !

                Best to all,
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                  Out of all the grains I used to eat oatmeal ALWAYS made me feel the worst after eating it (and it didnt matter if I was eating it at 7am or 7pm)..Even if I only had half of what I thought I could eat I was still bloated and lethargic and just felt absolutely disgusting after eating it...and then bam, 1 hour later I was insanely hungry again.

                  But if you absolutely want to have a bowl of oatmeal once a week - have it! Me personally, SAD wise that is the one food I hope I never have to eat again.
                  The pain of discipline or the pain of regret? You choose.

                  Oh look - I made a Journal.