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What's anyone's view on Byron Richards...? Because he's confused the hell outta me!

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  • What's anyone's view on Byron Richards...? Because he's confused the hell outta me!

    I've just been reading his Mastering Leptin (as recommended to me by PDL). About halfway through he opines that a high-fat diet increases (not 'can increase' or 'may increase' but 'increases' as an statement of absolute) insulin resistance because it causes the stomach to release a peptide (the name of which I've forgotten).

    Now I'm REALLY confused - I may be IR, does this mean PB isn't right for me (or is Richards a quack?)? I've looked at his website - and he REALLY gives his own supplements the hard sell (the complete opposite of what Mark does, obviously!)
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    It is true, at least in the short term, but it's not something to be feared. I can't access the blog right now, but I think this link discusses it:


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      I have read that the studies that demonstrate this are diets high in saturated fats with the typical carbohydrate level. When you add more saturated fat to a diet full of carbs, you get MORE insulin resistance, so they conclude that saturated fats cause insulin resistance. But this is only in the context of a high carbohydrate diet. They have not studied a diet high in fat that is LOW in carbohydrate and its effect on insulin resistance. What we have seen here on the forum is that member after member has reported their Hemoglobin A1-C going DOWN, their fasting blood glucose levels going DOWN, their need for diabetes meds going DOWN after going primal. Those are all indicators that insulin resistance and blood sugar levels are improving. For a fine example of this, read postings by Griff, who eats tons of fat and has vastly improved blood glucose levels and lost tons of weight.