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  • Before & After Primal Diet

    This thread picks up the thread, "How Long Before Symptoms your Poison Appear?"

    1) BEFORE going Primal, what, if any were your problems, otherwise say no problems before

    2) AFTER going Primal what problems went away

    3) If eating Grains or Sugars, AFTER primal, what problems occur.

    We need this thread to help convince skeptics that Roll Their Eyes when told that Grains, Legumes & Sugars are such a major health problem.

    I will begin with what I know:

    My wife & I could NOT break through a 35 year weight plateau. NO amount of exercise at the gym, or walking would help. I suffered light Asthma, and HORRID POOS, BAD regularity
    Wife had pains in right knee, high blood pressure.

    AFTER 8 weeks of PB
    We both broke through 35 year weight plateaus with ease,
    Wife's knee pains gone, her blood pressure normal for the 1st time in 30 years, my asthma much better, PERFECT POOS & Excellent regularity.

    Cheating with grains, legumes occasionally
    We still avoid sugars, HFCS like the plague, but sometimes indulge in fast foods with breads, or a Banana Split, no noticeable effects so far.

    Best of health to all.
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    weight plateau
    perfect poo!

    AFTER 3 weeks of PB
    slight (-2lbs) weight change
    Always feeling hungry even after eating
    constipation, hard poo

    Cheating with grains, legumes occasionally
    regular perfect poo


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      Restless legs
      Wrinkly hands
      Frequently hungry
      Lots of sleep-inducing sugar-crashes

      AFTER 11 weeks of PB
      13 lbs weight loss and now (for the past 3 weeks) happily stable at my lowest weight ever
      Really enjoying VFFs
      Restless legs completely gone
      Acne much better....BUT I've been put on a new med for it, so that's probably why.
      Hands look 10 years younger
      Constipation...though just this week it's beginning to get a little better
      Rarely hungry
      Mostly better mood (I reserve the right as a woman to be pissy from time to time, regardless of lifestyle
      No more sugar-crash naps that come on suddenly. Occasionally, I feel a little tired, and *choose* to have a nap.
      EDITED TO ADD: No more obsession with food. (Thanks Kennelmom...not sure how I could have forgotten that's so huge it's even in my signature line

      Eating grains again
      Other than a taste of something now and then (eg. a piece of pasta I'm cooking for the family to see if it's done) I haven't eaten any and don't miss them
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      Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
      Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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        Mood swings - from super exhausted to cranky/bitchy (so, basically none of the "good" moods)
        Hungry all the time
        Headed for a surgery consult because of knee pain (6 mos of physical therapy didn't help)
        Not making strength/performance gains when I could work out
        Obsessed with food - when could I/did I have to eat next, what would it be, how much could I have
        Season allergies that usually required meds and usually meant a day or two of sick days in the spring and fall
        General aches, pains and feeling crappy/sick. My husband used to joke that he it was like being married to an 80 year old, not a 35 year old.

        After 8 months (a few cheat streaks here and there):
        Mood is stable and I'm actually happy most of the time now
        LOADS more energy and its consistent throughout the day
        Much less stress - food is easy, simple and satisfying
        No hunger
        No gas/bloating
        Regular, excellent poos (first time in my life!)
        Losing inches from everywhere
        No knee pain and I've avoided the surgeon!
        Works are much better, making gains
        Not obsessed with food. I eat when I'm hungry, which is about twice a day.
        First time in decades my seasonal allergies have been pretty much non-existant or extremely minor. NO sick days taken!
        No more aches and pains.

        I eat rice a few times per month. Don't seem to have any ill effects from it. Same with butter and cream several times a week.
        My knee is the barometer of how primal I'm eating...too many grains or too much sugar and I get knee pain.
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          Before: chronic diarrhea, left upper quadrant pain after meals, debilitating left ankle pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

          After 10 months of 80/20 PB: symptoms resolved, BP down from 135/75 to 110/62. LDL decreased 75 points, HDL increased 18 points.

          Edit: have not had so much as a mild cold since January.

          Cheating: when I eat flour products I get belly pain and diarrhea.


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            before: awful stomach issues (gas, bloating, cramps), acne, knee pain (i'm only 27), back pain, mood swings to the point of medication, anxiety and panic attacks, got sick at least 3 times a year

            after: no more stomach issues, clear skin, no pain what so ever, stable moods off medication, crap load of energy, haven't gotten sick in over 2 years.

            i honestly don't cheat bec. i don't like the way i feel afterwards. it reminds me of why i went primal in the first place! i did have some wine recently without the ill effects i used to get the day after but i prefer life without it:-) hope this helps.
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              1) Before: Chronic heartburn, acid reflux. Obese. Border line high blood pressure. Obsessed with food constantly, had irresistable cravings for sweets.

              2) After: Heartburn and acid reflux are totally GONE. That happened by the end of the first week. I only EVER get heartburn now if I eat too much crap and drink too much. Three months in and I've lost 20 pounds. I'm not sure, but I think my fingernails are getting nicer. Blood pressure is coming down and is now frequently within normal ranges. No longer obsessed with food, appetite and cravings are under control.

              3) Grains: If I eat just a small amount, like one sandwich, nothing much happens to me. I do notice a slight weight gain sometimes, but that usually comes back down in a few days. If I spend a whole weekend eating non-primal things and drinking, my heartburn comes back.
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