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Blaming bad genes for breast cancer is a medical myth

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  • Blaming bad genes for breast cancer is a medical myth

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    This article is misleading!

    There has been a gene identified with breast cancer--BRACA, I believe it's called. Women with that gene have a high possibility of developing a very aggressive form of breast cancer, so when there's a strong family history, they are encouraged to get tested in their 30s to see if they have this gene.

    If there were such a pattern in my family, I would not hesitate to be tested because this is a very insidious type of cancer that can be prevented with prophylactic treatment.

    However, this only accounts for a small percentage of breast cancer, and it is true that in many cases there is no family history involved. Yet 'lifestyle' is one of the minor issues in breast cancer. Most researchers point to environmental causes that are still not completely understood.

    I believe everyone should have a healthy lifestyle, but I don't think I'm preventing cancer by eating healthily and exercising. I'm just keeping myself as fit as I can. The idea that if people made "lifestyle changes" they'd avoid cancer is blaming the victim, a practice I find abhorrent.