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    I get Doctors Best 5,000 IU D3 Geltabs from Amazon.Com, and I take 10,000 IU Daily, my blood test is 75 ng/ml which is ideal per Dr. Kruse.

    More on D3:
    Epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency sweeping the world
    Vitamin D optimization thoughts

    Iodine Cures Prostate:

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      Update. Been off uroxitrol for a few months now. Things seem to be better.not perfect, but at least I no longer need any meds.

      In between that last post of mine and this one, I was also able to ge off my anti seizure med that I have been on since I was 18. So now I take no meds at all. Feels pretty good given how healthcare is changing!


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        Amazing Testimonial about SEVERE Prostate Problems cured with iodine:
        I've had all the usual extreme prostate symptoms for many years (I'm 59) and have had a diagnosis of BPH (enlargement) and prostatitis from age 35. In the last 5 years things started getting worse: blood in my semen and urine, blood leaking out up to 12 hours after sex, dry ejaculation: no semen released until hours after orgasm when it would leak out, testicle pain off and on, knife-like pain radiating into my penis for a split second, then about a second or two later it hits again, this can go on for several minutes, painful ejaculation (every time), urgency and frequency causing me to get up as often as 10 times in the night to piss (usually 3 or 4 times) despite fluid restriction. Intolerance to caffeine and alcohol - I've given them both up. I have tried all the herbal remedies, pomegranate, curcumin, lycopene, selenium, vitamins, minerals etc and nothing has worked. I could not tolerate palmetto due to headaches. I've spent many hundreds of dollars on avodart and flomax. I've had a prostate biopsy to rule out cancer because my PSA was 10 and a cystoscopy that showed the enlargement. The avodart lowered the PSA to 5 but the symptoms didn't improve very much. I had to stop the avodart because of back pain, stomach pain (acid), foot and hand pain and general weakness. I tried starting up again several times and the upper-mid back pain always comes back within a day. I've had about 5 very painful episodes of urinary retention and blockage. Recently the pain on the always-dry ejaculation had got so bad and the after-effects so nasty: very frequent painful urination, i.e. every 10 minutes for a few hours, and the leaking of blood and semen that I have started abstaining from sex and decided that I might have to give up sex forever.

        In my job I research medical topics for doctors and have access to very old medical journals (from the 1800s to the present). I found some very old references to the use of iodine in BPH. When I searched the internet I found a few guys (google prostate Grizz) had had amazing success with it, so I thought, I've tried everything else, why not give it a try. I looked into the history of iodine use and it was used for many conditions for at least 130 years and was considered the most important medicine a doctor could use (for many conditions). I didn't think it could be that dangerous considering the number of years it was used though I am aware modern doctors have been taught it's deadly. (It's actually a critically essential mineral but you can easily overdose.)

        I took 5 drops of 5 % tincture of iodine (containing iodine and potassium iodide) in a glass of water every morning. Do not take it at night because it is a stimulant. Read the warning below before you try this. 5 drops of 5% tincture is very roughly 25 mg (or 25,000 micrograms) of iodine which is a huge dose in medical terms, however hikers use roughly the same dose to sterilize a litre of pond water to drink without ill effects at least for short periods of time. I believe it is too large a dose to use for more than a few weeks without taking a big risk. If you have thyroid trouble even one dose might be too much. I also painted my balls with the pure tincture mixed with olive oil (as suggested on the internet) because it is absorbed through the skin and that is close to the prostate. That was a mistake because it burnt the skin after 2 days and it peeled off like a sunburn. I switched to iodine sold for supplement use in a glycerine base and that was very messy and delivered a much lower dose of iodine to my balls/prostate. The very first night after using the tincture on my balls everytime I awoke to piss, I had an erection (that hasn't happened for about 40 years during the night). I did not have any problems with erections before. The erections have continued almost every time I get up in the night now.

        I stopped painting after a week as it was messy. After less than a week - I think it was about 4 or 5 days of the oral doses and ball painting, I decided to masturbate. I couldn't believe the result. I shot semen 10 inches or so with no pain, no blood, no leaking afterward, no frequent urge to piss etc. I hadn't had a wet orgasm in the daytime in about 5 years. My prostate feels much much better, I don't get the pain when urinating and the stream is stronger. I'm only getting up once or twice a night to piss. I can go for hours when I'm out and hold my bladder if I need to, without pain. I have only been taking the oral iodine for 3 weeks. All the symptoms improved after less than a week.

        WARNING: As this is a very high dose and could damage my thyroid, I plan to drop down to the daily recommended dose of 150 micrograms soon and I hope that the lower dose will continue to work. The risk of overdosing with iodine is very high so I do not recommend anyone do what I did without doctor's supervision - you literally could die in what is called a thyrotoxic storm or you could permanently damage your thyroid requiring radioactive iodine to kill your thyroid and then thyroid medication for the rest of your life. There are some doctors out there who are promoting iodine such as Dr. Flechas, Abraham and Brownstein for many conditions including breast cancer and have written books and papers on it. The latest conventional medicine paper I've seen (2012) showed that at a dose of only 400 micrograms per day (about 1/50th of what I'm taking), in people with normal thyroid function, 5 % developed subclinical hypothyroidism after only a few weeks. Most subjects returned to normal after stopping the iodine. It is not clear what the effect would be in iodine deficient people or people with hyper or hypothyroidism. The paper is free online here: Home - PubMed - NCBI... You could try a safer lower dose of iodine at 150 - 400 micrograms (mcg) per day. It might take longer to work of course, or it might not work at all. Also, the larger dose that I took might not work at all either. Your mileage may vary.

        Conclusion: I am a very happy man. I'm sorry for all the men out there who've received the same advice and treatment as I have and are suffering terribly, because modern medicine abandons it's own history and so doctors today and their patients will not know about this possible treatment. Interesting question: could iodine help prevent or treat prostate cancer? The Japanese consume much larger amounts of iodine than North Americans (around 12 mg per day - a very large dose) and breast and prostate cancer are much much lower in Japan. Another question: Could iodine be a substitute for viagra? My experience would suggest that possibility.
        Posted on 04/11/13, 04:22 pm
        Enlarged Prostate General Discussions at DailyStrength: BPH relief
        I'm very happy that my messages were the key to his cure. Of course, as we have proven, his fears of iodine are baseless if iodine is taken with the required co-supplements per Dr. Brownstein:

        I have also completed my new research file on the Prostate and Prostate Cancer. I have many doctor reports that prove iodine cures prostate problems, including the dreaded Prostate Cancer.

        Also see our new Testimonial File, subject "Prostate" for the many prostate cures being reported, thanks to iodine: