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Aged Happy Meals, McDonalds Burgers, and other stuff.

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  • Aged Happy Meals, McDonalds Burgers, and other stuff.

    I found this link an interesting addition to the McDonalds aging hamburger art blog.

    Especially the Bionic Hamburger Video -

    While I am 100% primal, sometimes I change gears to Paleo.
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    I used to eat two McDonald's extra value meals every day my first year of college - one for lunch, one for dinner. Yikes.


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      I've only ever eaten at McD's when I've been STARVING (like when I was on the streets last year - not too much hot food you can get for a squid).

      I wonder if UK MaccyD's burgers are as toxic...?! They're REALLY trying to push the fact that all their meat is British, and how their chooks and eggs are all free range.

      Hmm... I rather want to find out now (for morbid curiosity's sake, if nothing else...)
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        I actually did this experiment years ago and ended up just abandoning it after something like a month because absolutely nothing happened except the pickle slices drying out.
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          I guess this will save morticians a fortune on embalming fluid in twenty years or so when people the preservavores start to croak en masse. I get a stomach ache every time I indulge in fast food--I guess it's because the food is antibiotic, killing off my own stomach microbes before they can help break down the food. I try to avoid those businesses.
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