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2011 NIH link between Ketogenic diets and Cancer prevention/treatment



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  • 2011 NIH link between Ketogenic diets and Cancer prevention/treatment

    Here is a soemwhat lengthy study showing positive progress in restricted glucose (CHO) diets and benefits to cancer prevention as well as treament in late stage cancers. Read the animal and human study sections and conclusions. Pretty spot on to what MDA readers have long believed about the benefits of paleo type lifestyle and avoiding westernized higher carb diets.

    I have a best friend who is only 38 years old and has stage 4 cancer throughout his body and it's been a MASSIVE STRUGGLE to get him and his docs and nutritionist to see the value in a very low glucose, ketogenic diet (KD). On top of it to be excited at the prospect of how diet can help improve lifestyle for cancer victims.

    Western medicine has failed us to date with prevention of diseases like cancer that IMO because prevention is not incentivized when you have a much > $107 billion dollar annual cancer treatment industry (2015 numbers, so likely much higher now). Cancer prevention will not receive any industry real funding because it does not sell patentable expensive drugs or treatments. The entire notion we "won" by enabling immunotherapy IMO is just the third ruse in the system to band-aid a patient with incredibly expense weekly infusion treatments instead of curing the disease. The former two are chemo and radiation therapy which themselves are highly carcinogenic in nature.