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Saturated Fats can increase small LDL

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  • Saturated Fats can increase small LDL

    The latest post from Dr.William Davis' blog:

    If small LDL is purely driven by excess carbohydrates, then adding saturated fat will reduce small LDL and increase large LDL.

    If, on the other hand, your small LDL is genetically programmed, then saturated fat will increase small LDL. In other words, saturated fat tends to increase the dominant or genetically-determined form of LDL. If your dominant genetically-determined form is small, then saturated fat increases small LDL particles.</blockquote>

    There are not enough details in this post but I thought I&#39;ll share it anyway.

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    I sure hope he comes back to elaborate some more. I&#39;ve been getting annoyed with his posts that have no references. He&#39;s not giving his readers enough credit. Hmph.

    Another post on his blog may provide a possible avenue of exploration for those who don&#39;t have a health care provider willing to do LDL particle analysis.


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      He&#39;s another blog-post on it but again, no references.


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        I&#39;ll bet that saturated fat raises small LDL. The question is by how much? The last time I saw saturated fat being demonized, the statistical significance was negligible, but the headline still attempted to instill panic and chaos. A real study with real numbers and a peer-reviewed analysis is needed.

        Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

        Anyone who wants to talk nutrition should PM me!


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          Hmmmm this is really interesting! I would also like to see more details or refrences on this.

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