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Any primal beard growers?

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  • Any primal beard growers?

    I started growing a full beard in December. I've had one form of facial hair or another since high school but this was my first full beard excursion. Well, long story short, after two months I simply didn't like the way it looked. I was impressed with how thick it was, especially for a guy with blond hair, but it didn't lay right, it just looked scraggly and unkept. I decided to shave it a few days back but I didn't expect it to be so difficult.

    I don't know if it's the result of paleo or having maintained a full beard for nearly two months but it was almost razor-proof. I finally tamed the beast but even today it was difficult to shave, lol.

    Anyways, I was just curious to see if we had any other beard growers here.

    I began this Primal journey on December 30th, 2009 and in that time I've lost over 125 LBS.

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    I just so happen to be growing a beard at the moment. My beard gets the same way so I will probably not let it go too long. Normally my facial hair bothers me to the point that I just keep shaving, but there are rare times when it just feels ok on my face (now being one of them) so I am going to let it grow out. I have alot of gray hair in it so I will probably take it off sooner, but we'll see.

    On a side note- I have experienced the hair on my face being somewhat tougher. Now if only the hair on my head will grow back!!!


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      I would agree with the thicker facial hair, but I actually think that all the hair on my head is doing this. I don't know that the stuff I've lost is coming back, but the rest is thicker.


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        I've been workin with a beard of varying lengths for about 8 years now... some thoughts:

        Your facial hair will be closer to the consistency/color of your pubic hair then the hair on your head. My head hair is brown while my beard looks closer to a dark red when it grows -- same as my pubic hair.

        As far as "taming the beast" regarding hair that doesn't grow uniformly, invest in a good quality set of hair clippers with varying sized guards. For the first week, don't shave, but run your clippers over it with no guard, so you rock a permanent five o'clock shadow. Week 2, go up to your smallest guard, and maintain daily. Week 3, up again, and start combing to train the hair.

        If you keep trimming the wild ends and controlling the growth by levelling up the guards while combing it into place, you'll have better luck with a uniform beard.

        I'm sure that's how Grok did it... ha


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          I quit shaving when I got out of the Army, that was in 1971!

          I do keep it a bit shorter than I did then.