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Two interesting low-carb podcasts

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  • Two interesting low-carb podcasts

    I happened to listen to these two on Friday and thought others might find them of interest, too.

    First, there's the latest episode of Sean Croxton's superb Underground Wellness. Sean comes across as such a nice man and interviews people so well. Anyway, he was talking to Ray Audette, whom I hadn't heard of before. It turns out Ray is the author of Neanderthin, which was one of the first Paleo books back in the 90s. Interestingly, Ray was never influenced by the contemporary preference for low-fat (and specially low-saturated fat) diets, unlike other Paleo proponents of the time. He makes a good interview guest, is a good story teller, and has some interesting points to make. I would certainly buy Ray's book, unfortunately long out of print, if I could find a second-hand copy not at an extortionate price. He seems to be on the interview circuit again, on account an ebook of Neanderthin is in the works.

    If I have any reservations it is that while Ray had very ready, glib and confident answers to Sean's questions I wasn't convinced by all of them, and he didn't strike me as a man who was very careful to be correct. For example, knowing a little about Vilhjalmur Stefansson I was surprised to find three errors in what he said about him. He said Stefansson did the Bellevue Hospital experiment with two other men. In fact, he did it with one, Dr. Karsten Anderson. He said that Stefansson ate pemmican while traveling with the Eskimo, whereas Stefansson actually ate the same food as the people he was with. (Pemmican was, of course, a North American Indian food not an Eskimo dish. The meat is dried to expel water and sealed in fat, since that keeps out oxygen. But, inside the Arctic Circle, you don't generally have to worry about spoilage in the same way.) He also said that Stefansson always ate only meat after visiting the Copper Inuit. In fact, Stefansson specifically said that he was eating a mixed diet -- what was then called the "Basic Seven" by the U.S. Government -- for years and only went back to the "Eskimo Diet" when interest was aroused in it by the controversy. (Mrs Stefansson noted that his arthritis, which he'd been greatly troubled by, went away after a month or two.) This tends to make me wonder what other information Mr. Audette may have been careless with.

    But I don't want to quibble. This was such a good show in so many ways; and he had some very interesting things to say, including what is, if true, a remarkable revelation about Steve Jobs' death. He's also worth listening to as one of the pioneers of Paleo:

    Neanderthin: Eat Like a Caveman w/ Ray Audette 06/14 by Underground Wellness | Blog Talk Radio

    The second podcast is actually an old one, which I just happen to have come to late. it's Jimmy Moore talking to Jonathan Bailor back in April. This talk is a very different beast. Mr. Bailor impresses as a man who is very careful to get the details right. And he has an encyclopedic knowledge of sources. It was also interesting to me that he says independently exactly what Gary Taubes said: viz, that if you ask dietitians, "obesity researchers", etc. about obesity you get one story, but if you ask endocrinologists you get another and a far more complex and interesting one:

    The LLVLC Show (Episode 570): Jonathan Bailor Offers Up ?The Smarter Science Of Slim? Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low Carb Blog
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