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Cholesterol and Fats in your Blood

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  • Cholesterol and Fats in your Blood

    I love this kind of info presentation:

    Primal/Paleo is not for everyone, it's for those who have committed to understand.
    READ THE BOOK! Robb Wolf says: "Trying to convince people to save their own ass will burn you out."

    Vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, and an affront to all I stand for -- the pure enjoyment of food. Anthony Bourdain

    and yes, calories DO count my little piggies

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    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.


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      Not sure when this presentation was made but I will assume it is current. A few things that struck me:

      1. Fructose phobia expressed by many paleo advocates is unwarranted or at least premature.

      2. Maybe I just missed it, but this is the first time I heard the fiber-saturated fat connection. Earlier studies identifying saturated fat as the major cause of CVD have been discredited for a variety of reasons, but I don't remember anyone connecting it to low fiber. Seems like most paleo advocates minimize the importance of dietary fiber. Also, even though saturated fat may not be as evil as we once thought, there doesn't seem to be much evidence to say it is actually good for you.

      3. This talk doesn't include any discussion about how to minimize LDL oxidative degradation. I listened to Masterjohn's podcast on this subject. Obviously it is better to minimize or eliminate LDL oxidation with diet changes rather than take statins. However, it isn't clear if or how we can do that. Based on Masterjohn's podcast, I do eat a couple brazil nuts daily and take an iodine (kelp) supplement to help promote LDL receptor activity. Also, I do what I can to keep insulin levels down. I eat only at 4am, 9:30am and 2:30pm and do not snack in between. I have eliminated all cereal grains and HFCS. I keep PUFA's to less than 4% of my calories. No more grapefruit jiuce. Fruits are only blueberries, strawberries, cherries, nectarines and avocados. Don't know what else to do.
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        This presentation is great, articulated clearly. Artbuc why do you disagree with the position about fructose?


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          Originally posted by Quarry View Post
          This presentation is great, articulated clearly. Artbuc why do you disagree with the position about fructose?
          Not sure what position you are asking about? My point is that several new studies are suggesting fructose isn't the bad actor that many paleo/primal folks have made it out to be. I have been criticized for not providing links to studies I refer to; however, I don't keep an index and can not remember every article I read. I do know I have read several legitimate, peer reviewed (as opposed to obvious internet quacks) studies that say fructose may not be as bad as we once thought.


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            OK, thanks. Wasn't challenging, just interested in what your comment above about fructose phobia meant.