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"Dangerous Grains" by James Braly & Ron Hoggan

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  • "Dangerous Grains" by James Braly & Ron Hoggan

    Just finished reading "Dangerous grains" by Bradley & Hogan (2002).

    Book is about glutein (e.g. in wheat) and about the harm it does. Impressive read, with awesome references.
    I did not find any discussions in MDA, so I wonder if someone else has read it /any thoughts ?


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    Sounds like an interesting read. Read the blurb, it echos my feelings...the food that the government wants us to eat the most of is the one we can actually do without.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
    Don't forget to play!


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      I know grains and MDA do not match, but I still use some in form of glutein-free bread&pasta as my family is still close to mainstream (carb-junkies,I'm slowly working on them....)
      As a person with celiac decease, I'm interested in how to minimise damage in myself and especially in my sons, since the risk goes with genes (Yes, I know the answer, but we are taking step by step...)
      Book presents plenty of deceases (mental, physical), which seem to be contibuted strongly by glutein induced damage in small intestine. It talks about opiates in glutein, potential mechanism for cancer etc..
      So if you (or your loved one) are living with celiac desease or if one is balancing between "healthy-grains" vs. paleo, the book good be ground breaking.
      If you into paleo already, it probably isn't so interesting, other than " I told you so"-purposes..