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Any actual researchers on here?

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  • Any actual researchers on here?

    The National Institute of Health Research in the UK is currently calling for researchers to put forward proposals for interventions to, amongst other things, improve nutrition in early childhood and activity levels in older people. Anyone here able to put together a research proposal with a Primal/Paleo focus?

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    Not a researcher...........just bumping the post
    F/37yr/5' 5"
    SW: 154 March 2011
    CW: 140 July to Oct 2011
    PB: 145 gained 5lbs in first 4 months March to July 2012
    With a combo of PB and IF-ing 5 days a week (1 x 1200 calorie meal per day) I have lost 15 lbs PB/IF = 130 lbs July 2012 to current
    GW: 120
    Ultimate Goals ar to be: Happy/ Fit/ Energetic/ Feel great/ Balanced/ cure my thyroid and adrenals


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      Actually, this research is not needed. Just eat what healthy people eat.
      Crohn's, doing SCD


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        Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
        Actually, this research is not needed. Just eat what healthy people eat.
        For individuals, probably not. But this funding is for public health initiatives. Consider the benefit of scientific studies showing that, for example, Primal school dinners help kids concentrate better, or Primal catering in care homes keeps elderly people healthy for longer. With this evidence we could have a chance of getting the school or care home to serve decent food.