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  • The Power of IF

    A skeptical reporter does a five week 5:2 fast. That's 5 days eating "normally" and 2 eating fewer than 500 cals each. He says he lost about 1 Stone (roughly 14lbs US) and had improved blood markers.

    BBC News - The power of intermittent fasting

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    Cool, do you know when the video will be available to watch in other countries?


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      Wow, I'm shocked that he lost weight by reducing caloric intake...that's insane.


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        I think it's more telling that he ate a Standard (British) diet, while only fasting the equivalent of 3-4 meals a week, without exercise, and lost 14lbs. While some who go to the gym everyday who don't fast, struggle to lose anything.


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          Exactly. There's a Telegraph article here which explains a bit more:

          The 5:2 diet: can it help you lose weight and live longer? - Telegraph


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            What I liked about this series was that he was just an average looking man. In clothes, he didn't appear to need to lose much weight.

            His 5:2 results (blood markers) were the same after five weeks as they were after one (I think it was) 3.5 day fast. So, much of what we learn here (primal blue print) re: fasting was born out in this n=1 study.

            Also, when compared to a lifetime of very restricted calories and a 3.5 day fast, 5:2 seems doable forever. Once one's psyche gets used to two 24 hour periods per week of 400-600 calories, I'm sure it becomes habit as much as eliminating grains and sugar. One night you eat supper, then the next day you (for eg.) drink broth until supper rolls around again.

            It is available at
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              The combination of IF and Primal eating is amazing, such a dynamic duo that allows a person superior appetite control. Truly amazing.


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                The programme is here:

                BBC Horizon 2012: Eat, Fast and Live Longer - YouTube


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                  Here's his programme on exercise:- Horizon - The Truth About Exercise (BBC, 2012) - YouTube It was after this that I started HIT rowing in my garage instead of rowing long distances on my boat that goes nowhere.
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                    Unfortunately they used this as a method to allow people to eat whatever the hell they wanted the rest of the time.
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                      It's surprising how fast IF is becoming big news over here. There was another double-page spread in The Mirror tonight.
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                        From the article, it appears that although participants were allowed to eat 'whatever the hell' they wanted to the rest of the time, they did not go crazy, and ate normally.

                        Maybe the very idea that you COULD keeps you from doing it.