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New research on dietary treatments for Alzheimers

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  • New research on dietary treatments for Alzheimers

    Primal gets us 2/3 of the way there, with egg yolks for choline and an emphasis on omega-3. What about uridine? Is brewers yeast primal? This research is fairly impressive by the low standard of Alzheimer's research because it was continued for more than 3 months and there is some understanding of a mechanism of action.

    There is a lot of Alzheimer's in my family and I already take MCT oil and coconut oil every day, which would be a different mechanism of action. Interestingly my husband's neurologist had read an article about MCT oil recently and was suddenly interested that my husband has taken it for several years and his Lewy Body Dementia has been progressing more slowly than the usual pattern. This article doesn't say a lot about Alzheimer's but it gives the larger view of MCTs:
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