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Looking for egg whites vs eating whole egg study

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  • Looking for egg whites vs eating whole egg study

    I'm "trying" to show my wife's family that Primal/Paleo eating is the way to go. My mother in law was discussing with my wife whether egg whites are better to eat than the whole egg and vice versa. I was telling her that the yolk is the most nutritious. She later said there are so many theories with this. It's hard to pinpoint what's right and what's wrong.

    So I'm looking for any studies that have been done on consuming eggs. I would like to see a central place of all the studies done regarding Primal/Paleo. That would be great. Hopefully I can convert some family members. My mother-in-law's husband is a big guy and also has type 2 diabetes. I just want them to live a long time.

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    Not empirical evidence but you could point out that it's only been in the past 30-40 years we have become terrified of the egg yolk and convinced it is the harbinger of death. How did society survive before this knowledge? Has stopping eating egg yolks halted the tide of heart attacks?

    Some people just need to consider a little common sense.
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      Look for studies checking for the influence of dietary cholesterol on humans cholesterol levels. (Spoiler: there is no significant influence)

      As this is the only reason for not eating yolks, that should be all it takes.

      : That said, if you only eat the egg white, you might as well down protein powder with water, its the same nutritionwise.


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        Originally posted by linuxguy0481 View Post
        I was telling her that the yolk is the most nutritious. She later said there are so many theories with this.
        i'm sure there are plenty of people on both sides of whether or not eating whole eggs is a good idea, but i don't think you need studies to prove that the yolk is the most nutritious part. you should easily be able to find a nutritional breakdown of both the yolks and the whites, and it's undeniable that the yolks are packed with essential nutrients (including fat and cholesterol, without which no chicken would ever hatch). the whites don't really offer a whole lot.
        you might want to figure out where the real debate is. if it's about fat and cholesterol, you can probably find plenty of studies in mark's book and linked to his articles. if it's really about the nutritional value of eggs, one need only remember that an egg exists to help a living thing grow.


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          The yolks are perfectly fine to eat and very nutritious. But as always in life; it depends on what you are trying to do with your food and diet. Sometimes you may eat the whole egg only, and sometimes throw out some of the yolks to reduce fat and calories, and sometimes you may even throw out the whites! As always, IT DEPENDS…
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            This article is pretty comprehensive.

            And I'd add that pastured eggs also pack a much better nutrititive punch (Google "Mother Earth News egg page").