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Nutrition and cancer recovery



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  • Nutrition and cancer recovery

    Do any of you know of any research/information wrt diet and cancer recovery?

    I have a young family member who was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 5. He is now nine and is currently cancer free . However the treatments he received have given him, among other things, blindness and a significant loss of hearing. Also he has just recently started a regimen of daily injections of growth hormone as he has not developed significantly since his diagnosis. He still catches a lot of stuff too because his immune system isn't up to par.

    He is a neat kid and great to be around. One of my big concerns for him though is his diet. He doesn't eat much and when he does it's pretty much the SAD - chicken nuggets, pizza, coke, hot dogs, french fries, mac and cheese, cookies, some fruit, som...e yogurt, you get the idea. And some drink in a drink box called Boost, to give him extra calories. I think his parents are probably so glad to see him eating anything and getting calories that what he eats isn't too important. I can see that side of things.

    BUT, I am convinced that if they would start giving him no grains, healthy fats, and whole foods, that he would have a significant improvement in all areas. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I guess his doctors and/dietician aren't overly concerned and haven't said much about what he should eat. I'm not sure how much his parents would buy into anything I say.

    We've been a lot healthier since eating this way, but usually most of my family/inlaws (many of whom also have various diet-related health issues) just smile and nod when I talk about the benefits of cutting out grains and veering away from the SAD. So I'm not sure they would be convinced to try this. I just want to help this kid some way!

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    This is an unfortunate situation, although it's good to know the young lad is currently cancer free.

    I'm not sure there is much you actually can do seeing as he is not your child. When the opportunity arises you can maybe slip him some healthy treats, and he will gain some nutrition from them.
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      I agree with Annie, not much you can do when it isn't your own child - however Paleobird has the most amazing story, and it may be worthy of a read. If you notice any of her posts, have a look at her signature, and go through the link to her story. Truely inspiring
      Good luck
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        You could try Dr. Colin Champ aka the Caveman Doctor

        While his primary interest seems to be in using nutrition to prevent, treat and aid treatment (and the ability of the patient to handle the often pretty nasty treatments) of cancer, he may also be a good person to contact.

        But as others have said, whatever you find is going to be meaningless if you can't get the parents' buy in.
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