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  • Exercise for the injured

    I came across the Primal Blueprint several months ago, and it has helped me in many ways. I feel healthier, I sleep better, etc. However, I was injured in a car accident (I was a pedestrian) and have had low back and knee pain since. Despite having had surgery to repair the damage, I haven't been able to do many of the exercises consistent with the PB lifestyle. Part of my therapy for the spinal surgery has been yoga, and it's helping, but it's not enough. I go for walks and I can sprint if I really have to, but I've pretty much lost the ability to do heavy lifting and I need some guidelines. Also, my S.O. (recent follower of the primal way of life) has degenerative joint disease (knees and hips mostly), and she has problems with exercise in general too for obvious reasons. I'd appreciate some tips or advice: How to stay fit when jarring exercises aren't an option?
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    Do you have access to a pool?


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      Unfortunately, no we don't have pool access. We have bicycles (which I'm fine with, but she can only use occasionally), and a puppy that needs walkies and playtime every day (which we both do). We're moderately active, but looking to improve the shape we're in without further injury.
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