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Sydney Diet Heart Trial revisited

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  • Sydney Diet Heart Trial revisited

    Proof that PUFAs kill
    Four years Primal with influences from Jaminet & Shanahan and a focus on being anti-inflammatory. Using Primal to treat CVD and prevent stents from blocking free of drugs.

    Eat creatures nose-to-tail (animal, fowl, fish, crustacea, molluscs), a large variety of vegetables (raw, cooked and fermented, including safe starches), dairy (cheese & yoghurt), occasional fruit, cocoa, turmeric & red wine

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    lol When I saw this headline in the morning my first thought was "omg, its finally happening"

    here is a link to an article from canada

    Heart-healthy oil claims reconsidered - Health - CBC News
    We need to have a global discussion about the epidemic of donut murder

    Starting Weight: 238 lb
    Current Weight: 224 lb
    Goal: 190-200 lb
    Height: 6'-0"
    Age: 27