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Might Coffee be good for you.

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    Originally posted by jmsmall View Post
    There is an interesting phenomenon called "hormesis" that could come in to play with coffee. Intuitively we think that we need to reduce all the toxins in our environment, but many of the so-called toxins have positive health effects at low doses. Plants make toxins to protect themselves from predators (insects, herbivores, Grok's, etc.) I've read that the caffeine in the coffee plant is toxic to many insects.

    But, for example, members of the Broccoli/Cauliflower family of plants have low level toxins. When we eat them, the theory is that it stimulates our toxin-handling systems, sort of like exercise stimulates our muscles by stressing them. I looked briefly at health effects of caffeine, and find that coffee drinkers get LESS scarring when they have chronic hepatitis. That's a big deal, especially since I work in a liver transplant hospital.

    That said, some of us shouldn't drink coffee/caffeine. It can worsen esophageal reflux disease and can increase gastric acid production. It can worsen abnormal heart rhythms. It can cause insulin release in some of us which can lead to excessive gnawing hunger. It might make high blood pressure higher. Taken at night it can interfere with restful sleep.

    On the other hand caffeine is well recognized to increase energy levels and wakefulness, and it makes many of us a bit sharper. So far, for me, caffeine is still on my menu.
    "coffee drinkers get LESS scarring when they have chronic hepatitis"

    I know you mean people with chronic hepatitis scar less when they drink coffee, but this still made me giggle


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      Yes, well, don't you love hammering stuff out and not editing it? Ah well. Glad to give someone a smile!
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        Originally posted by tzulogic View Post
        Coffee raises cortisol! Cortisol depletes muscle. Yet I'm drinking my joe as we speak. Did you know that when they studied the effects of supplements that mixed caffeine and creatine together...caffeine canceled out the creatine? Meaning, it prevented the creatine from being effective. It messes with your hormones. That CAN'T be good.
        Well....people could drink the supplements with water, and coffee at another time. I'd also like to know how that study was done. I mean, HOW do they know once the two substances were inside the GI system? Share sources if you know, please.

        In theory, we could analyse and concoct meals that cancels almost everything out, and get pretty much no benefit, right? Would take lots of research to figure out, but basically my point is that we can find something wrong with EVERYTHING. Or, something good. It's a matter of perspective, and perception, and what's important to you etc. etc. And of course, there's the science too.

        I've read something that if you consume proteins with phytic acids (the phosphorus ring), then it's somehow broken(?). I need to find this reasearch and post. If this is the case, then the notion of eating legumes for example, in a bean soup with veggies and such, is a very healthy meal. (as I always thought it was before reading Paleo theory)
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          Originally posted by Derpamix View Post
          I'm a ladies man what can I say...
          and Gwamma is a wee bit of a cougar.......................
          "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

          ...small steps....


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            I can live without, don't care too much. I don't think one cup of black in the morning with a tea spoon of coconut oil (without any food whatsoever until dinner) is a health hazard. If I feel it becomes a problem, I can stop it any day.
            I anyway mostly run on water, green and rooibos tea most of the day time.


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              I've always been sensitive to coffee. As a barista, it was impossible to stop drinking it as you basically ingest it through your skin all day even if you aren't putting any into your gullet. Since having part of my bowel removed, regular coffee is 100% OUT. I drink one small french press decaf per day, purely because it makes me feel normal. Lame, I know.