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Jamie Oliver witch-hunted over salt

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  • Jamie Oliver witch-hunted over salt

    I'm not making it up.

    There he was as a front-page item on the Times of London. It seems that some busibodies had been to his restaurant and ordered food only in order to measure the level of salt in it and publicize it as a "health hazard". Now the Times is tut-tutting on it's cover about Jamie being caught out when he's pretended to be healthy.

    The nerve of all these people -- the measurers and the Times journalists and editors -- as if Jamie hasn't done more to try to bring real food to people than any of them ever will.

    Now I'm sure it's best not to really overdo the salt, and some people may need to be careful -- but they'd tell the waiter before ordering, wouldn't they? And it's not as if anyone goes to eat at Jamie's every day. And on top of this the "science" behind anti-salt hysteria is really poor, as Gary Taubes has shown.

    The Times is behind a paywall, but I found the story at the BBC. Jamie is not the only "culprit" although the Times chose to pillory him:

    BBC News - Hidden salt 'present in popular restaurant meals'

    The impertinence of the thing! I had a good mind to send the story to the Caveman Doctor. He'd have told them where to get off. LOL

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    The nerve. They could've saved a lot of effort by just attacking him for being a do-gooder tosser
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      Oi... as if salt is going to kill you before the sugar... idiots. Fine dining isn't supposed to be good for you anyway!
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        Can't stand the guy anyway - always bleating on about "bad" saturated fat while promoting a high carb diet, while he gets fatter and fatter...


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          He's a little noisy shit.

          Hugh Fearnley is where it's at, Rick Stein also!
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