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I have bowel cancer in my family...

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    Originally posted by magicmerl View Post
    I just had my mind blown by this presentation on ALL types of cancer:

    Yes Dr. Seyfried's book which is very technical and dense is very well explained and broken down by Dr Georgia Ede on her site "Diagnosis: Diet".

    Awesome stuff. And one of the biggest reasons why I, as a cancer survivor, am going to continue to eat LCHF for the rest of my life.


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      Originally posted by namelesswonder View Post
      Mark talks about fat consumption pretty regularly, don't feel like digging up the articles.

      On the fiber front, read
      I dunno, something about that gut sense site just screams nutcase... Just a little sus that "HIS" theory on IBS seems to centre around people buying his overpriced multi vitamin, vitamin C mix and probiotic. I mean at certain points he is saying that soluble and insoluble fibre are the problem... 2 problems - first is that 2 of his products actually contain soluble fibre in the way of slippery elm bark and Acacia senegal, second it would mean cutting out a large amount of fruit and veg which contain both soluble and insoluble fibre. Where does one get their nutrients? (from his multivitamin? vitamin pills I tend to agree with certain professionals in that they are a waste of money and are potentially dangerous)...

      At one stage he is suggesting not to eat fat then another he says it important to eat fat.

      I agree that psyllium is probably not the best thing to become reliant on but for different reasons to what he says. Psyllium forms that gel like substance and essentially binds with the meal you've just eaten preventing your body from absorbing the nutrients.

      By cutting out soluble and insoluble fibre what does one eat? meat and fat?

      I think the area of research into FODMAP foods and its relation to IBS makes more sense...

      I don't take psyllium, I'm thinking my flora is fine considering in one part he says the presence of gas from insoluble and soluble fibre is caused by flora, so I guess because I have what most people would say is normal amount of gas, that I have flora... I don't see how cutting out all soluble and insoluble fibre is going to be beneficial. I'll get sick from poor immunity...

      Originally posted by KT79 View Post
      Have you ever been tested for celiac disease? Untreated celiac can lead to bowel cancer, and it's a highly genetic disease, so it runs in families. Regular diarrhea is one of the 'classic' symptoms. I would really, really encourage you to ask your doctor to do the blood test for celiac.
      No been tested, not coeliac...


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        I think you're misreading or reading into Konstantin's work some stuff he didn't say.

        He specifically says that incidental fiber in some fruit or veggies is fine if one has a healthy digestive system. He is against the "health food" CW of adding extra insoluble fiber to everything and using fiber as a bulking ingredient in processed foods. So eating some fiber that comes with your food is fine, it is eating fiber just for the sake of eating fiber that is damaging.

        He only recommends the super low fiber diet as a temporary healing procedure for people whose guts have been ravaged by way too much "healthywholegrains".

        Konstantin does come off as a little odd perhaps on a personal level but I don't think he's a nutcase. I think he is an extremely intelligent person who is expressing himself in a language that is not his first and so is sometimes misunderstood.

        Give him a second read. I give him some serious props just for having the nerve to challenge the "unquestionable" virtues of a high fiber diet.


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          Please read the first page (only) of my journal:

          If you hae none of those "sensitivites", don't worry.
          "When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power." - Alston Chase