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Goitrogenic food research?

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  • Goitrogenic food research?

    As someone with an under-active thyroid I am interested in ways to improve its function. For example, I have found selenium really helps. However, I see things saying: avoid goitrogenic foods; or eat them in moderation; or cook them first. Yet there are quite a few nutritious goitrogenic foods that it would be a shame to avoid, but then if it turns out to be quite bad for someone with a thyroid disorder even moderation would be a poor idea.

    So I set off looking for studies on humans to back all this up and alas I can find nothing interesting. Where are the we took two groups of people and told one group to eat none of these vegetables and another to eat enough until they turn green? I can find it for soy but nothing else. It is hard to find how much affect these are likely to have and what does moderation mean. Without solid numbers it is hard to know what is the best course of action. I was rather hoping someone has found something on this?

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    They're too busy trying to run studies that prove that people who eat large quantities of heart-healthy whole grains are healthier than people who eat large quantities of refined grains. Or that eating red meat causes cancer.