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    Here's an interesting podcast I stumbled upon while looking for something completely different.

    It's a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America talking about the practice of personal retreat in the Russian Orthodox Church. He makes particular reference to a woman who has written about this who came out of that background but moved to Roman Catholicism after migrating from Russia to the U.S., making the point that this practice is not specifically Russian Orthodox but ecumenical.

    I know many people in paleo circles are hostile to the notion that there is anything beyond immediate sense experience. However, I suppose they won't have wanted to read past the second paragraph, and I think there are also many paleo people who are not and may be interested in what this man has to say.

    This isn't anything I've tried, and to be frank I'm not sure this is anything I'd be ready for, but I think there's something beguiling about his description. It's not something particularly "primal" but it does aim to strip away something of the distractions, clutter, and noise that is characteristic of our modern lives. Also, he speaks of the tendency we have in modern society to try to grasp everything with the intellect, even that which can't be grasped in that way. When he said that, I kind of thought, "Ouch! That's me."

    Here is the podcast if it appeals to anyone:

    Personal Retreat - Musings from the High Desert - Ancient Faith Radio

    And here it is at iTunes (podcast #48):

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    Will have a listen, haven't got time now.

    I fully agree with the concept, time and time again it has been shown that stilling the endless chatter in the mind has major health benefits, diet is only part of the solution, other parts are daily movement, social engagement and daily stillness is another.

    Try a Vipassna meditation retreat, 10 days of silence, it's a bit of an eye opener, only problem it's Veg food, not much soy from memory.
    "There are no short cuts to enlightenment, the journey is the destination, you have to walk this path alone"