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12 Year Old Vegan Has the Degenerating Bones of 80 Year Old

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  • 12 Year Old Vegan Has the Degenerating Bones of 80 Year Old

    12 Year Old Vegan Has the Degenerating Bones of 80 Year Old

    well, well ...

    in contrast with this thread about a 97 year old vegan:

    "Dr. Wareham attributes his health at least partly to the fact that he has been a vegan for the last 30 or 40 years (he does not remember precisely)." He probably had enough nutritional reserves by that time so the change in diet didn't hit him hard. + generations of vegetarians in that religious community so maybe their offspring are genetically adapted & fare better than those born to a mother turned vegan & coming from generations of omnivores.

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    I want to find this hard to believe, but I don't. Having been vegan myself for two years, I can see how twelve years starting at birth could lead to malnutrition this severe, especially if her parents were careless (which they absolutely were--I mean really, they didn't see that anything was wrong with their kid until years and years after this would have been noticeable?).


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      In my secondary school (for ages 11 - 18) there was a vegan girl of vegan parents (vegan when pregnant with her) who was one of THE best and strongest gymnasts there, I lost contact with her aged 16 but it certainly didn't reduce her to a pile of crumbling bones, so I'd suggest the poor kid in the story was either running a deficiency due to her parents not knowing stuff, or had a genetic tendency towards this anyway - possibly exacerbated by the diet, possibly not.

      I've never "got" veganism even when I was vegetarian (worlds apart) and don't think it's the healthiest lifestyle, but to say veganism alone caused this is IMO like the people who crop up online and claim paleo or primal caused their heart attack, kidney stones etc., there's almost always more to it.

      Is my opinion.


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        This sounds like there's more going on. Leafy green vegetables are a fantastic source of both calcium and vitamin K, both needed for strong bones. She could be vegan but of the type that eats all those vegan processed foods- or perhaps gets little to no exercise- or perhaps has some sort of disease. I don't buy that veganism would ruin her bones.
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          She had rickets - not necessarily anything to do with being vegan. Milk is fortified with vitamin D2 here, which keeps rickets at bay for most kids. Dietary sources of D are fairly limited even in a primal diet.
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