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Vibram sizing question

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  • Vibram sizing question

    So I finally got my Vibrams in the mail, went with the KSO in a 40 and 41. My question is, I know they are supposed to be "snug" and they will loosen up a little, but when I flex my foot upwards in the 40, my two small toes hurt.

    How much do they loosen up exactly? At this point I rather go with the 41 since it causes me no pain, and once im exercising in them my foot is bound to swell a little when I'm in the heat.

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    I'd go with the 41s then. My 'traditional' shoe size said I'd be a 39 in the VFFs but I have pretty wide feet, and they'd only gotten wider in the two years or so I was going about 90% barefoot without vibrams. I had trouble getting my feet into the KSOs, but managed to squeeze into the 40s. They're a little long, but not so much that my toes slip out if I scrunch my foot (and I have tiny stubby hobbit toes). I have about 3/4 of an inch of space in the heel, and as they've broken in they've loosened up quite a bit, but only to the point where it's no longer a struggle to get them on, and the extra space doesn't cause any trouble at all. The strap keeps everything in place, and I surprisingly don't get any noticeable 'heel slippage' - something I fought in every pair of shoes I've ever owned. I did get blisters the first week I started wearing them, right where the strap pressed the back of the shoe against my heel, but since the first blister healed and left a little bit of callus, it hasn't been a problem.

    So if the 41s are comfortable now, and the 40s aren't, I'd say stick with the 41s. They didn't loosen all that much for was more of a molding to my foot thing, and even though lengthwise you'd think mine are too big, I haven't had a problem.


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      I actually ordered a women's 41 also since they have a 10 1/8th size. It came today so I'll try it on later. It's nice being two states away so they come the next day when I order them