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Buenos Aires, Argentina - Primal Paradise?

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  • Buenos Aires, Argentina - Primal Paradise?

    I just spent the last 6 months in Buenos Aires. I never thought a place could be so primal-friendly.

    The Meat.

    The meat in Argentina is perfect. Most beef is grass-fed. Although grain-fed is becoming more common in Argentina, the point is that a high-quality grass-fed steak can be found for a measly 10 pesos (less than 3 USD) at the supermarket. It's not the same hard-to-find commodity for niche markets as it is in the USA.

    Cuts would tend to have much more fat. When cooked right, big slats of fat would have a consistency close to butter. It would melt in your mouth and explode with flavor.

    There are also dozens of different cuts available, from your usual "bife de chorizo" to cow brains. Yes, they sold cow brains at the supermarket. I tried everything from intestines to heart to liver... some of it more palatable than others.

    There were parrillas (steakhouses) on most streets. My favorite order: the parrillada:

    Fruit and vegetables were also much more prevelant. Nearly every corner had a stand like this:

    Hoarding vegetables was never so convenient and cheap. Here back in NYC it's depressing to have to search hard just to find real food like this.

    Yeba Mate.

    Last, but not least is the cultural staple: yerba mate. Tastes like tea, but earthier, heavier, almost tasting like hay. While perhaps not technically primal (or is it), yerba mate serves as the perfect coffee/tea alternative. Health benefits abound:

    It's not exactly perfect down there -- lots of pizza, empanadas, pasta, bread, smoking, pollution...

    But still, I'm going to miss Argentina. Eating primal here in NYC is expensive and inconvenient. Worth it, but still inconvenient.

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    The pictures are great eero, thanks for sharing them with us. I love the 3rd picture - the parillada.


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      Just over a year ago I spent 5 months in Buenos Aires and 3 weeks traveling around Patagonia. I LOVED it and I want (NEED!) to go back. Unfortunately, I wasn't primal at the time and was still following conventional guidelines of avoiding (more or less) saturated fat and cutting down on red meat. So although I did partake of the varied meats on offer, if I could go again... you're right, primal paradise!!