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My second blood test in 2 years, better or not?

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  • My second blood test in 2 years, better or not?

    I know you can't give a diagnosis oner the internet but I would like your thoughts.

    I have been LC >30g, usually none, per day and Primal, no sugar, no starches, only a few green leafy veggies, no grains, little to no fruit, no dairy except for cream and occasional piece of full fat cheese. I usually have 4 eggs a day for breakfast lots of cream to drink and a piece of steak with green veggies for dinner. I workout 5 days per week with heavy resistance training.

    I've just had my 2 yearly checkup and my Doctor says my cholesterol and my iron is too high.

    These are the figures:


    Total Chol. 6.3 mmol/L

    Triglyceride 0.9 mmol/L


    Serum Iron 16 umol/L

    Transferrin 30 umol/L

    Transferrin Sat 27%

    Ferritin 1072 ug/L


    My Glucose Studies: Fasted.

    Glucose 5.6 mmol/L

    LS-C GLS-C

    Interestingly when I first turned up to get my blood taken I told her I was 28 hours into a fast. She was astonished and said she couldn't do it because my Glucose would be too low. From what I've read my Glucose should be fairly level as I always eat low/very low carb. I couldn't make her understand this however. She insisted I come back after a conventional 12 hour fast only. The above figures are as per a 12 hour fast.

    She gave me the talk about my cholesterol being too high and a list of things to do not to eat, including no eggs, trimming all fat etc etc.

    My results from 2 years ago:

    Chol 5.3 mmol/L

    Trig 1.1 mmol/L

    HDL-C 1.6 mmol/L

    LDL-C 3.2 mmol/L

    Ratio 3.3

    Glucose 4.5 mmol/L

    Serum Iron

    Iron 11 umol/L

    Transferrin 31 umol/L

    TFN Satn % 18

    Ferritin 1001 ug/L

    Are my figures improving or not?

    Looking forward to hearing your or anyone else who cares to comment.

    Thanks for reading.


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    search on LDL calculations on the web. Your triglicerides have gone down, that is good. Presumably your HDL has gone up.

    I am not used to looking at these results in mmol/L so I won't say anymore. But some searches will give you lots of info on how to interpret these numbers.

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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      Heck, if that senator/doctor could diagnose Terri Schievo (sp!) from a video we can do it on the internet! At least we won't be breaking any laws.

      As to your question, OP, I don't have a clue because not only am I not a doctor, I don't even play one on TV. But I do know which end is up.


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        *This is not medical advice, just information.

        I'm not used to seeing these numbers in the format they're presented.

        But in "standard" numbers it looks like your cholesterol went from about 200 to 240.

        I do know that eating saturated fat can raise your total cholesterol.

        High cholesterol is often a "red flag" for doctors, even though high cholesterol is not always a true indicator of any problems. And 240 and above is considered "high risk" even though it's not *really* a great indicator.

        As I understand, the real issue is triglycerides. And also the very low density LDL. (And I don't see a secondary reading on your LDL or HDL, and don't see any info on your very low density LDL.)

        Total cholesterol shouldn't be a problem by itself, even if it's gone up.

        Based on your triglycerides, it seems that you're doing better though.

        I'd say "Good job!"



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          Low Triglycerides and High HDL is pretty danged correlative to LDL being of the large, puffy (potentially beneficial) patter/size.

          Google up the Cholesterol Skeptics to read alot on this. Also Dr Michael Eades' blog has lots of posts to search through on Cholesterol. And certainly do read Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes, shocker.


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            You might want to use the calculator mentioned in the following link to interpret your results. There's an option for using mmol/L unit. Also, for LC, the Iranian formula gives a better eastimate than the Friedwald.