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    has anybody out there read "THE PALEO SOLUTION" by Robb Wolf???...i'm going to purchase it along with the primal blueprint but i figured i would get some feedback

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    It's fantastic. I believe there is a big long thread if you do a search.


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      Here is the thread on the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf:

      I thought most of it was too technical; I could not understand all scientific techno-babble mumbo-jumble. But at least he warns us of the techno-gibberish coming in each chapter so we can skip over it. The non-gibberish parts of the book were GREAT !

      If you are a scientific type, or have an exceptional memory for scientific gibberish, you will love this book.

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        i think i posted in the other thread but it was very... meh. I read a lot, and the book just feels like it was a bunch of blog posts strung together. I mean it is useful, and there's some great info in there, but dont except anything mind blowing. the Primal Blueprint is much more organised, structured and thus easier to read. I guess I just had really high expectations for it.
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          Rob's book tells more about the science of digestion and such. A lot more information about what goes on inside our bodies. Admittedly not aimed at the biology major, but really good in my opinion.

          Both Primal Blueprint and the Paleo Solution are decent books
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            I loved it. Robb does a great job of getting straight to the point and keeping things interesting. It was a lot different of a read then Gary Taubes who tends to get really technical and dry. Robb is also pretty funny. I think a great supplement to reading the Paleo Solution is also tuning into his free podcasts.
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              @ Balance,
              Yea, I got more from his podcasts than from the confusing technical-scientific mumbo-jumbo in his book. IMO, skip the book and listen to his free podcasts. I prefer the Primal Blueprint book.



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                I'm currently on page 57 of the book and I have enjoyed reading it so far. I've flipped through the rest of the book and it looks interesting.
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                  I'm reading it now and finding it really enjoyable and informative. He does a nice job blending humor in with all the 'geek speak'. As someone with a pretty heavy science background, I appreciate the level of detail.