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alone in the wild tv programme on Channel 4 UK

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  • alone in the wild tv programme on Channel 4 UK

    Just wanted to let everyone know that channel4 is showing an interesting programme about a man going into the wild to survive for 3 month.

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    I'm going to be watching this one this weekend. Love these kinds of shows!

    If you like that show you should check out Les Stroud in Survivorman! He did a year in the wild with his wife living purely off the land at one point. But his show is awesome and his book is great too.

    There's also Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls who does some pretty extreme stuff but has a camera crew close not as genuine.

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      There was also a show on PBS where 4 (or so) couple were challenged to survive the a year in Alaska all on their own. It really showed you what Grok had to go through in the winter. It was very hard for these people to catch and preserve enough salmon to make it through the winter. They tried to hunt, many of them were unsuccessful, even with rifles and a guide. One group even took to scavenging meat from a fresh kill they happened upon. What I didn't know at the time, and I don't think they did either, they should have taken the bones from that kill to get the marrow.

      They had cabins, wood stoves, canning supplies, axes, saws, rifles. They were well equipped, and really struggled. Poor Grok!

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        I would be absolutely useless in the wild and die of starvation. I strongly believe that without appropriate training city people like me cannot survive in the wild. There is nothing wrong with that because our modern day survival asks for different skills.

        I find those programs fascinating yet scary in a way.