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  • Free Workout Timer

    I created this free workout timer over ten years ago - it's used by thousands of people for health and fitness, and loved by CrossFit and other trainees. I recently updated it so that it now works with iPhone, iPad, and MIcrosoft Edge browser (windows 10). It's great for Tabata, EMOM, and any other circuit type of training.

    I originally created it because I work out in my garage, using an old laptop. But it's also great for getting a workout in the hotel room when you travel - such as tabata pushups, etc. It's highly configurable, and works with very large displays (like flat screen TV sizes, etc.). Lastly, it's also great in the kitchen, or the classroom , as a quiz timer.
    The best FREE Workout Timer for all types of fitness including martial arts, CrossFit, MMA, Tabata, EMOM, and interval training. Works on PC, Mac, Phone, and Tablet.
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