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    Has anyone read this book? I see it was published in 2005, but this is the first I heard of it. What's the skinny?

    Fiber Menace
    by Konstantin Monastyrsky

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    He's very, very amusing, and he has some good points, particularly about the risks of insoluble fiber like bran.

    I think that soluble fiber may be more useful in the right amount.

    He knows his poop, and has logical reasons to back up his ideas.


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      well uhm, ok
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        OK, I'm having a disturbing mental image of the Fiber Monster coming after me!
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          Go read what he has to say.


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            Check out his website. What he says makes sense.
            Probably you don't need the book when you read all the stuff on his website.


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              I wondered if his book had been mentioned here before. Turns out it has. He pops up in the comments to a thread on fibre, and Mark posts in reply:

              Konstantin, I have read your book and found it very informative. I have recommended it to many people and do so here again to all reading this post. Glad you visited us here at MDA.
              If Mark recommends it, it's almost certainly worth a read. However, since I already agree that excessive fibre, particularly insoluble fibre, is not a good thing, I shan't be hurrying to get it. I would take a look at gut but it seems to be down.


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                Originally posted by Lewis View Post
                I would take a look at gut but it seems to be down.
                I managed to read some of it by using the Google cached versions and clicking the text-only versions of the pages. Goodness knows what's up with that site.

                There's some interesting stuff—insofar as I've been able to read it with the state of the site.

                One thing he says is that constipation is common on the Atkins Diet. Now that I hadn't known. He says a low-carb diet is actually what's best for gut health but that people going on the Atkins Diet probably already have gut dysbiosis (from antibiotics and years of bad food) and that they've probably been using dietary fibre to keep stuff moving through them—to do one of the jobs that should be done by one's gut flora. Suddenly take away the carbs and you take away that fibre at the same time and suddenly everything grinds to a halt.

                As far as I could tell—as I say I was grabbing what Google-cached pages I could find (and the author does ramble a little rather than staying with the topic implied in page titles)—his solution is to drink kefir.

                That sounds like quite a plausible explanation to me.