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    Human Resource Management (HRM, HR) is the management of an organization's employees.
    While human resource management is sometimes refereed to as a "soft" management skill, effective practice within an organization requires a strategic focus to ensure that people resources can facilitate the achievement of organizational goals. Effective human resource management also contains an element of risk management for an organization which, as a minimum, ensures legislative compliance.

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    Could someone help me with picking a nice Vacation Tracking software or a nice Attendance tracking.

    I want something that be able to synchronize with Outlook calendar 2007 + and be able to handle department calendar and Admin calendar.

    Right now we are using But I do not want to pay. They are charging us xx per month . I want a free solution and be able to use it off line. I want to have project management too. Has anyone used the or [GIVE another example of our URL]

    1 – I want to track the vacation accrual
    2 – Be able to run report for each month for each department.
    2 b – Be able to submit a request on behalf of someone else.
    3 – Be able to export to Peoplesoft.
    4 – Be able to do Attendance tracking
    5 – Vacation Management and Leave tracker.
    6 – Be able to do Employee vacation schedule

    vacation track software


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      Synergita today announced the launch of its Talent & Performance Management Software on the Cloud. Offered on a SaaS model (Software as a Service) the product is priced very attractively at US$ 25 per year per user.

      This pricing when seen in the context of many other SaaS products, seems unbelievable at first. (For example a Salesforce CRM might cost US$ 50 per user per month, whereas the Synergita pricing of US$ 25 per user is per year). But the secret of this price point is the fact that the entire Development and Support team of Synergita is based out of India. This is a new and promising trend – young companies from the emerging markets are setting new bench marks in the software product space. They are able to get to the market faster, challenge the established players in the domain with a feature-price combo that is disruptive. They also leverage the economies of scale offered by the Cloud and Multi-tenant architecture. Products such as Synergita can service 1000s of customers from a single instance in the cloud - with very low operational and support costs.

      Pocket friendly Yes, but what makes Synergita People friendly?

      Synergita claims that their Talent Management Platform can be customized and configured not only for each organization, but also at the division and department level. Talent management templates (Synergita calls them Growth templates) can be customized with Competencies and Skills tailor made for each role and level. Going further, KRAs, Goals and Tasks for each individual can also be embedded in the same template.

      Qualitative comments and feedback against all these attributes. Ratings can be given for each attribute on a customizable scale. The product supports periodic feedback (weekly / monthly) as well as Annual Performance Feedback cycles with 90, 180 or 360 Degree coverage. The growth template history is maintained for each individual.

      Ramkumar, Director of Product Management says “Synergita allows the organization and its managers to map the performance and plan the career of each individual in a personalized manner. It is not only about what the organization expects from the role and the individual, it is also about what the individual expects from the organization in terms of growth and career development and how these can be listed, discussed, measured and monitored”.

      If you are in HR or Talent management, or if you are a line manager actively interested in the growth and development of your team, you can sign up for a free trial at Synergita - Software for the people | Logon

      For further info contact


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        Attendance Software

        BestAttendanceSoftware is offering attendance software, tracking vacation time, employee vacation schedule, vacation tracker,vacation accrual. Attendance Software is powerful and intuitive vacation planning.
        vacation accrual
        attendance software


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          Re :


          I work for you when:
          • Your staff is overloaded
          • Your requirements are increased
          • Your timeline is short
          • Your need is most relevant and exactly meeting Resumes/CVs
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            GroSum is a market leading cloud-based complete PMS that provides world class tools for
            1) Goal Setting - Be it Google OKR, Balanced scorecard or any custom framework to set performance goals, GroSum helps you set personalized objectives and key results for your employees.
            2) 360 Performance Reviews - Be it a traditional appraisal or a 360 multi-rater review, GroSum is completely flexible to cover your review process workflow.
            3) Continuous Feedback - Be it anytime feedback or one-on-one checkins with Managers, GroSum helps your employees be regularly engaged on their performance.
            4) Analytics - With GroSum Analytics, do 9 Box Analysis or drill down, analyze & compare employee performance, supported by graphs & excel downloadable formats.

            Employee Performance Management Software - 360 Reviews, Continuous Feedback, Goals/KRAs, Analytics, Compensation Planning, Appraisals