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    Hi folks,

    I just got a pair of used Vibrams and was curious how to tell if they fit correctly. According to the size chart on their website they are the correct size, but there seems to be extra space at the heel when my toes are in the pockets snugly. Should they be tight (kinda like a sock) or is a little loose ok?
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    what kind did you get? Most of them can be tightened around the heel. It depends on how hard you pull the strap across your instep because it wraps around your heel.


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      i couldnt get them to fit at all on my feet
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        I bought a pair 2 weeks ago and when I was getting fitted they said that your longest toe should be at the tip of the shoe and the heel should be snug. Mine are snug. I ended up specifically buying the lace-up kind because the ones with the velcro scrap did not fit right.

        Fit is key to comfort, you might want to return those shoes and get refitted.
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          I got the sprint. They seem to fit fine (or my fat toes wedged in the pockets just keep the foot from sliding around) but there does seem to be about a thumb's width of space between my heel and the inside end of the shoe. Does that make sense?

          I guess since they don't slide it isn't a problem?
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