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    Hi y'all,

    There's a local food co-op in my town, and they will have speakers come and give courses on various topics on health each month. I'm hoping to put together a seminar, and I'd like to share my rough outline and ask for help on how to organize it into a proposal for this co-op. I've talked with the manager once about it, and while there's a lot of vegans there, there are also a few people asking about Paleo and gluten-free, so she's interested in having someone speak to the customers on the topic.

    This is the outline I have so far for topics. Let me know what you think and how I could spruce it up/which content you think would be good.

    What is the Paleo Diet?

    Seminar by [...]


    What is the “Paleo Diet?” Speakers [...] will discuss the basic concepts behind this diet, its origins, and what sets it apart from the Standard American Diet (SAD), an from other popular alternative diets.

    (suggested audience size ~15-25 people)




    Why consider the Paleo Diet?

    One-minute story from [...] on how they discovered Paleo and why they've stuck with it

    What is the Paleo Diet?


    - Caveman basis
    - We are genetically optimized to a lifestyle that is similar to our caveman ancestors, and the modern world is practically a Bizarro World from the perspective of our bodies
    - Nutrient and Antinutrient food pyramids
    - Macronutrient quality aka mesonutrients
    - Omega-3/6 fats, glucose/fructose balance, glycemic index
    - Relationship between hormones and health
    - Example: Metabolic studies often show that some people overeat and don't gain weight, wheras others undereat and still gain weight
    - Example: glycemic index, insulin, and their relationship to fat storage and diabetes


    - Origin in Anthropology
    - Discovery that humans tended to be shorter, fatter, and more prone to disease after the advent of civilization and particularly agriculture
    - Historical findings that show an explosion in obesity rates and “diseases of civilization” over the last 100 years and especially over the last 30 years
    - Example: CDC Obesity Chart

    Types of Paleo diets
    - Scale
    - Primal
    - Allows limited dairy, flaxseed, substitute flours like almond flour
    - Otherwise follows Paleo
    - Paleo
    - No grains, legumes, or dairy
    - Relatively high fat and low carb
    - Close approximation: gluten-free, casein-free, lactose-free diet with more fat intake relative to carbs
    - In addition to diet, a lifestyle that emphasizes less stress, enough sleep, and
    - Raw Paleo
    - Like Paleo, but everything is raw
    - Debated areas
    - Role of flaxseed
    - Role of nuts
    - Role of non-cereal grains, pseudo-grains
    - Role of substitute flours

    Quality sources of information
    - Books
    - Online forums
    - Also, which forums are NOT quality
    - Primal Tribes such as Ames Primal Tribe
    Laboratory Mike -

    Want to find your friends? Try the Primal Living Network