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  • Health concerns - referring people?


    In a roundabout way I came here due to health concerns. I have pcos, a hormonal imbalance (/disaster) - one of the most common symptoms being easy weight gain / difficult weight loss, usually leading to obesity.

    Speaking to other women with this same problem, a lot are being put on Xenical / Orlistat / Alli in order to lose weight. These work by making fat go straight through your system - so if you don't eat low fat, you poop it out..... (ewwwwwwwww!)

    Anyway, reading up on the roles and importance of fat, and effects of grains, in fact the whole blooming concept of primal/paleo vs CW - this stuff is possibly THE worst thing to give them! Is there anywhere I can point these ladies to that will run through the "Fat is okay because..." whilst bearing in mind they *do* have a chronic medical condition, are female (as opposed to the mainly male experiences I've seen online), have often tried anything / everything?

    Some ladies are very well read and can cope with scientific journals etc; the majority seem to be frustrated by doctors that can't help but are still "the Law".

    Hope that makes sense!

    Thank you

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    You certainly raise some interesting questions!

    If one is already trying to restrict fats and then they take these things, how will they get fat-carried vitamins and fats for general nutrition? Will they wind up "skinny fat?"

    And, no doubt, they are being told to eat plenty of whole grains!

    You post makes me think that I need to re-investigate the over-the-counter carb blockers! Not Grok Primal, but definitely good.......if they work.


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      NorthernMonke... I was diagnosed with PCOS last year and the doctor wanted to put me on metformin (a diabetes med). I did not need to lose much weight (maybe 10 pounds), but I sure did not want to go on meds!

      One book that REALLY helped me was by Dr. Nancy Dunne, who feels that PCOS should be managed through a Paleo-style diet (no grains, breads, diary, etc). In her book, she explains EVERYTHING, including good fats/bad fats and the dangers of carbs:

      (It's aimed at women who want to conceive a child, but 95% of the book is useful for the general PCOS population).

      Unfortunately, many PCOS women ("cysters", as they call themselves) see this type of diet as extreme-- same as the general population, and it will be hard to convince them otherwise.

      I guess they'd prefer to continue to eat junk and sh*t fat. ;-)


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 a "PS", this article here implies that the PCOS metabolism is somewhat prehistoric, so my logic says a primal diet fits even better!