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Los Angeles area - Bulk Raw Milk and Pastured Beef

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  • Los Angeles area - Bulk Raw Milk and Pastured Beef

    Would anyone be interested in purchasing raw colostrum-enhanced milk (great for post-workout nutrition) in bulk? Sort of a milk pool? I may be able to set something up with Organic Pastures, a Fresno-based pastured farm that supplies raw dairy to Whole Foods. I buy meat and milk from them weekly at the Santa Monica farmers' market, and they're willing to cut a deal on the milk and possibly meat.

    Their meat's the best I've ever had, and it's already quite reasonable ($4/lb for ground, organs, roasts; $6-9/lb for tri-tip, rib eye, skirt, etc; and that's buying a la carte). I'm the only one who buys the "off cuts" - organs, roasts, heart, etc - so they're thinking of discontinuing everything but ground beef. If we get enough people expressing interest, perhaps they'll have a change of heart. Let me know.

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    Wish I still lived in LA sometimes. Sigh!